Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magnicide (Singapore) - S/T tape (2007)

Magnicide is another Singaporean band deserving nothing but love from the grind-enthusiastic masses ( Memeng and Jali from Demisor - YET ANOTHER Singaporean old-school grind classic to be - handle the bass / vocals and drums in that specific order, while Iem enthusiastically strums the usual six-stringed slut of an instrument.

Musically, Magnicide is something like 324 sped up. Yup. And that includes the vocals. I reject my responsibility for all the potential strokes this information might have caused. The tape in question is a shiny, shiny record for grindcore, seeing as the trio definitely hates to slow down. (Except on "Your Path Ended in Hell," where they obviously had no choice; I mean, have you read the title?) Like with Wormrot's Fitri, Jali absolutely kills the kit - whereas the first one pounds with a groovy dynamic, the second one is a contained explosion of blastbeats, bringing up the question of whether there are dubious contents in Singaporean water (e.g. steroids, speed, horsemeat, etc.). Combined, the band is a proud, religiously zestful adherent of rule 324. Like all the good men know, "the grind must flow!"

"Majestic ground crumble
Proud monument statue scattered
Have you learn ya mistake
Spare the children let em survive"

- Fairytale Ending Beginning

Fanatics, maniacs, sons of a gargantuan Assücking sandworm Terrorizing the unright-doers! There is a mad desperation in Magnicide's anger akin to all the best socio-political grindcore acts that were or will be, a honest cry in vain that burns through all the bullshit.

Your path ended on the internet. (Mediafire)

There's always time for one more... from the hip!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wormrot (Singapore) - Dead (2008)

1. Propagrinda
2. Condemnation
3. Power and Terror Maximator
4. Wall of Shit
5. Fuck... I'm Drunk!
6. Uncovered and Proud As Fuck
7. Violate the Dead
8. Castrate Matrep
9. Amsterdamned
10. Mass Disruption
11. Operation Grindcore
12. Newkiller Nuclear
13. Freedom to Act
14. Why We Fight
Total playing time 12:47

Might as well post more Wormrot. Might as well give the band more praise. Might as well talk about random shit. I catch approximately one hundred colds per winter. Literally Sick of It All, I thrashed my memory for solutions in folk medicine, seeing as I loathe pills, tablets, and all that jazz not macho enough for the feedstock that I am. I do not loathe wine in general, thus I did not shun at all from the "cook wine, drink while it's hot" solution. At the moment, it works. As for wormrot, I have that aplenty in some of the wooden closets in the apartment. As for the band, listen to their debut if you still haven't, goddamnit. Yes, yes, yes, Abuse certainly owned 2009 in grind blah blah blah...

An Indonesian label, Speed Thrash Attack, released the Dead tape in 2008. However, as Mr. Anonymous pointed out to me, this is the CD version on Legion Productions (USA). Considerably tipsy, I proclaim once again that Wormrot kicks ass.

"Fuck... I'm Drunk?" (Mediafire)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ciikada-mono chrome horrific (demo)

Yes, I know monochrome is really one word. WHATEVER. This is a demo in recording, in name and all that. Here is the deal. My computer video card is blown out. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't using a fucking imac G5. My headphones done blown up too. I took them to a nice guy to see if he could weld them bitches back together. Anyway...::...::...

This is some music I made. It was going to be a project or a band or something. Not sure. Well, actually I am sure. It was originally going to be amterrorxp second album. After a few tracks were done me and orphee decided to not do that like that. So, we decided to make it something else. Baub and Chad also did vocals this time out along with Orphee and me. I played the music except thanks to Jocke Treason for the brutal drumming ;)

The style is black metal, grind, crust, dbeat whatever I don't know. I don't think it fits really neatly into categories because it has all kinds of different influence and all that. It's punk I guess. It's got black metal parts and thrash parts. You tell me. Blackened crust with less influence on dbeat and more influence on symphonic? I don't know. Sometimes epic, sometimes silly.

The reason I'm posting this right now on a random night is just because. I would like to do something but considering I work full time now I don't know if I will. And considering my computer is falling apart I dont know when I'll get to final mix this shit or whatever. So, I would like to share it though. This is demo version 1.o.

If you like this please let me know and please tell your friend. Also, please repost this on other blogs.

Yes, its ciikada. Just like that.

ciikada-mono chrome horrific {emulation obscene} [demo ver1.0]
1. Vitamysterium 2:22
2. The Hand, The Morning Star. 2:02
3. You Get nothing 2:25
4. And Emptyness 3:39
5. (Any Order) The Withered Tree 2:46
6. honi soit qui mal y pense 1:46
7. Palace 2:00
8. EARtH IS THE SUN 3:53
9. Inhaling the Fumes of the Pit and in Tongues We Speak 2:22
10. Blazing Eye 1:22
11. Glorious 2:44
12. Corridors... Choking Stench 1:59
13. Swank Shithouse :11
14. Treblinka 4:48
15. Hooked on the Obscene 2:14
16. Like Tears in the Rain 4:01
17. The Navajo Know (pixies) 2:06

90mg 320k mp3 17 tracks 42.33
its time to lay em down like a fresh set of dominoes.