Cephalochromoscope is a blogzine / webzine about grindcore and generally noisy, fast stuff, as well as music at the speed of a tectonic plate.

Think Discordance Axis, Swarrrm, Mortalized, Corrupted, Birushanah (many Japanese bands, yes).

We deal in reviews, interviews, all that jazz. Including actual jazz.

If you're a band, submissions are welcome, but we make no promises.

We prefer free music (digitally).

Use the e-mail address below for all inquiries and expect to be judged by this guy:

zmajeee (at) yahoo (dot) com

Corrupting the blogosphere since 2008, notwithstanding our 2013-2020 hiatus after the e-pocalypse!

If you wish to contribute let me know 'cause many good people have met during the golden age.

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