Insect Warfare (Texas, USA) - At War With Grindcore EP (2005)

Grind's not dead!

Unlike Insect Warfare. Seems like it was shit well worth hearing, though. What insect were they on about, anyway? I could never figure that one out. Judging by the cover art alone, you'd think it was the Mantis religiosa, but its scythes are hardly crucial to a "death to all life" esthetic (killing hornets?). Must've been the bee. If bees go - we go. Unless you put your trust in an automatized future where we'll have our own lil' robots that'll pollinate instead of bees, as well as cook, dance, and play grindcore in our place. Hell, they'll even jerk you off! "Look papa, no hands!" Could you do that a hundred years ago...

Fuck utopia. (Goes without saying? But I am aaalways just sayin'...)

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  1. mandatory omfg insect warfare is fucking awesome comment.

  2. This is by far some of their best output. GRIND

  3. i'd always heard the insect in question was a locust (geddit, geddit!). i don't know the veracity of the tale, but it so it has been told by my people for many generations.

  4. If there's ever an Insect Warfare post without a gamefaced comment, call a search party. She's definitely lying in a ditch somewhere.

    Also, the insect is whatever this thing killing this Locust fan is:

  5. yeah veins that pic was.... subtle? i guess there's some truth to that.