World (Osaka, Japan) - Discography (1996 - xxxx)

Posting up stuff from Japan again I got to thinking why I've never posted World up, even though people have been leaving comments, sending emails asking for just THAT. You know, somebody probably already posted something like this, somewhere out there in the blogosphere, but if you haven't seen it, this one's for you. And, well, me. That said, no Thanks should be directed at me, because all these rips were dropped off at the comment section of a post that I can't find for the life of me! Might be a bit of a stretch, but hey, does anyone remember? Already went about looking for a way to search the comments section, unsuccessfuly.

"Both singers ... perform their own songs independent of each other. While Right is singing a song by one name Left is singing a different song with a different name, including different starting and stopping points. So for every World release there are two tracklistings, one for Left and one for Right playing at the same time."

I'll explain: World is a dead noise/grind band from Osaka, Japan! The line up consisted of Hiroshi Zen on noise & vocals, Akira Wakabata on second vocals, and Tadahiko Aono drumming on all of 'em (except for Kaname Ohara who filled the spot on Why Who What, their very first EP). That's right - three demons - two clutching microphones, one behind the kit, which also means that all the noise is produced by Zen's magic microphone. As for why that's such an amazing feat... Son, had you heard any of their songs, you would not be asking such questions. Revered for a reason, this is harsh, harsh noise with fierce drumming exhibitions, from the expected noisy bursts resembling blastbeats, to rhythms more primitive, tribal. I might've (re-)written the phrase too many times in too short a while, but have you heard that the blastbeat is the apotheosis of rhythm?

Why Who What 7" (1996)
- first EP

Why Nobody Understand? 7" (1996)
- tracks from the split w/ yesmeansyes

Space (Grind Osaka) 7" (1998)
- second EP
- excellent

New World 7" (1998)
- tracks from the split w/ Cripple Bastards

Snarl Out (1997) & Osaka War (2000)
- tracks from compilations

Why deprive the world of World??? digipack (200x)
- AKA "18 Minutes and 2 Seconds CD"
- a collected World discography [Space, Why Who What, New World, and...]
- nice sound quality (!)
[is this the correct cover art?]

Also got a track from an alleged split with CSMD of which there is zero info to be found anywhere; judging by the actual sounds, I think somebody got something wrong with that one. That said, Akira Kawabata (I think) now plays as a solo noise act and/or in Osaka grind band Red according to a comment on this here blog on this here post. Perhaps it is Hiroshi Zen who does one of those things, and Kawabata - the other.

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  1. Damn, I love this. I have no idea why I hadn't sought them out before.

  2. I find it weird how lonely your comment is! And I thought, "now that's a post everyone will enjoy." Huh. :)

  3. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Felt the same way about my post on the new Kill EP, though; such a goddamn great release, and apparently nobody cared.

  4. Calling all Italian/ Greek/ Euro punks and squatters: our friend Christophe is missing.

    On May 1st our friend Christophe "Noizemaker" from Lyon, France, left for a three weeks Euro tour with his solo noisecore project MORGANE DESBEET. He was supposed to play in Napoli, Italy, on the 3rd of May, but it seems he didn't show up to the gig. Then he was supposed to be in Greece on the 5th but he didn't show up either. For the moment last time he was seen was in Roma, Italy. Christophe is travelling by himself, with no credit card, no cell phone, and not much money. He's also known to have some serious health problems, so we are extremely worried about him. If you've seen him/ talked to him in the past few days and can give us ANY infos, please write to and Also, please forward this message to everyone you know in the noise/ crust/ grind/ squat scene in Italy and Greece.

  5. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Felt the same way about my post on the new Kill EP, though; such a goddamn great release, and apparently nobody cared.

  6. Dude, that was me posting the last thing, I have no idea why it linked it that way. WEIRD. But yeah, that's the way I felt about my Kill review, like I said.

  7. You know I have two(count em!) World shirts? I am awesome