Magnicide (Singapore) - S/T tape (2007)

Magnicide is another Singaporean band deserving nothing but love from the grind-enthusiastic masses ( Memeng and Jali from Demisor - YET ANOTHER Singaporean old-school grind classic to be - handle the bass / vocals and drums in that specific order, while Iem enthusiastically strums the usual six-stringed slut of an instrument.

Musically, Magnicide is something like 324 sped up. Yup. And that includes the vocals. I reject my responsibility for all the potential strokes this information might have caused. The tape in question is a shiny, shiny record for grindcore, seeing as the trio definitely hates to slow down. (Except on "Your Path Ended in Hell," where they obviously had no choice; I mean, have you read the title?) Like with Wormrot's Fitri, Jali absolutely kills the kit - whereas the first one pounds with a groovy dynamic, the second one is a contained explosion of blastbeats, bringing up the question of whether there are dubious contents in Singaporean water (e.g. steroids, speed, horsemeat, etc.). Combined, the band is a proud, religiously zestful adherent of rule 324. Like all the good men know, "the grind must flow!"

"Majestic ground crumble
Proud monument statue scattered
Have you learn ya mistake
Spare the children let em survive"

- Fairytale Ending Beginning

Fanatics, maniacs, sons of a gargantuan Assücking sandworm Terrorizing the unright-doers! There is a mad desperation in Magnicide's anger akin to all the best socio-political grindcore acts that were or will be, a honest cry in vain that burns through all the bullshit.

Your path ended on the internet. (Mediafire)

There's always time for one more... from the hip!

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  1. why does singapore keep yelling at me lately? what have i ever done to them?

  2. What are the chances I can find one of these?

  3. You oughta ask here:
    strainoise at

    Dunno if the tape's in stock. Perhaps you could ask the band directly if the label option fails.

  4. Straineyes is having a limited stock of Magnicide Tee Shirt (less than 15 copies to be precised!) imported directly from Indonesia. Motiv is the debut cassette album cover and back is written Your Path Ended In Hell. Printed on short-sleeve black shirt using plaster-sole ink and not your average rubber-dye ink - size from S to XXL.
    Order from Malaysia the TS is rm35 but postage NOT INCLUDED! (sori mahal sebab postage dr Indon yang mahal). Orders from other part of the world, get in touch. Also available is the Magnicide "Rise To The Annihilation" cassette. Really SOOOORRRYYY accept no reservation and the TS is on first-come-first-serve basis. Contact straineyes_AT_gmail_DOT_com