Thursday, January 8, 2009

324 (Japan) - Soulwinter 7" EP (1999)

324 soulwinter ep

1. Waterdrop
2. Idealize
3. Broken Clock
4. Soulwinter
Total playing time 07:07

Grindcrust perfection. I know I said that already. I know I'll say it again, no doubt.

While I wouldn't call 324 tight, inventive, or even that fast by some standards, they blast with awe-inspiring conviction. Their style is perfect as a modern-day example of the origins of grind, in all their crusty glory. Something important that all love-thrash practitioners could learn from 324 is the second most important rule of grind (just behind "play fast"); that is, to be absolutely relentless, at all times.

Shall we call it 'Rule 324'?

Downloaaargh (Mediawater)

Soulwinter may still be in-print, I'm not 100% sure. You all needed 324 bad though, in any case. However, I WILL post as many links as I want.


orfee said...

Heille, I will call them tight, don't make the sun cry.

Chairmaker said...

Thanks for this. All praise of 324 is accurate.

Re: Mach Trigger. I found out even more tantalizing info. Their guitarist is none other than Suzuki of Hellchild fame! He has a rehearsal recording up on his myspace(

The one that says マッハトリガー, the others seem to be from different projects.

Zmaj said...

Tantalizing indeed! The rehearsal stuff on myspace is pretty rockin', albeit a bit standard. Can't say I don't like it however, especially those pinch harmonics and quasi melodic parts.

Chairmaker said...

Yeah, they seem to be playing pretty straight-forward grind(too the shock of some coaltar of the deepers fans); given that line-up they might put out something which sounds like 'force', which wouldn't be half bad.

Unknown said...

This is such a good 7". I need more 324!