Wormrot (Singapore) - Dead (2008)

1. Propagrinda
2. Condemnation
3. Power and Terror Maximator
4. Wall of Shit
5. Fuck... I'm Drunk!
6. Uncovered and Proud As Fuck
7. Violate the Dead
8. Castrate Matrep
9. Amsterdamned
10. Mass Disruption
11. Operation Grindcore
12. Newkiller Nuclear
13. Freedom to Act
14. Why We Fight
Total playing time 12:47

Might as well post more Wormrot. Might as well give the band more praise. Might as well talk about random shit. I catch approximately one hundred colds per winter. Literally Sick of It All, I thrashed my memory for solutions in folk medicine, seeing as I loathe pills, tablets, and all that jazz not macho enough for the feedstock that I am. I do not loathe wine in general, thus I did not shun at all from the "cook wine, drink while it's hot" solution. At the moment, it works. As for wormrot, I have that aplenty in some of the wooden closets in the apartment. As for the band, listen to their debut if you still haven't, goddamnit. Yes, yes, yes, Abuse certainly owned 2009 in grind blah blah blah...

An Indonesian label, Speed Thrash Attack, released the Dead tape in 2008. However, as Mr. Anonymous pointed out to me, this is the CD version on Legion Productions (USA). Considerably tipsy, I proclaim once again that Wormrot kicks ass.

"Fuck... I'm Drunk?" (Mediafire)

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  1. this release dead is the cd version on legion productions in usa

  2. Can't wait to see this band Sept. 2 in NYC @ Santos Party House!