Ciikada-mono chrome horrific (demo)

Yes, I know monochrome is really one word. WHATEVER. This is a demo in recording, in name and all that. Here is the deal. My computer video card is blown out. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't using a fucking imac G5. My headphones done blown up too. I took them to a nice guy to see if he could weld them bitches back together. Anyway...::...::...

This is some music I made. It was going to be a project or a band or something. Not sure. Well, actually I am sure. It was originally going to be amterrorxp second album. After a few tracks were done me and orphee decided to not do that like that. So, we decided to make it something else. Baub and Chad also did vocals this time out along with Orphee and me. I played the music except thanks to Jocke Treason for the brutal drumming ;)

The style is black metal, grind, crust, dbeat whatever I don't know. I don't think it fits really neatly into categories because it has all kinds of different influence and all that. It's punk I guess. It's got black metal parts and thrash parts. You tell me. Blackened crust with less influence on dbeat and more influence on symphonic? I don't know. Sometimes epic, sometimes silly.

The reason I'm posting this right now on a random night is just because. I would like to do something but considering I work full time now I don't know if I will. And considering my computer is falling apart I dont know when I'll get to final mix this shit or whatever. So, I would like to share it though. This is demo version 1.o.

If you like this please let me know and please tell your friend. Also, please repost this on other blogs.

Yes, its ciikada. Just like that.

ciikada-mono chrome horrific {emulation obscene} [demo ver1.0]
1. Vitamysterium 2:22
2. The Hand, The Morning Star. 2:02
3. You Get nothing 2:25
4. And Emptyness 3:39
5. (Any Order) The Withered Tree 2:46
6. honi soit qui mal y pense 1:46
7. Palace 2:00
8. EARtH IS THE SUN 3:53
9. Inhaling the Fumes of the Pit and in Tongues We Speak 2:22
10. Blazing Eye 1:22
11. Glorious 2:44
12. Corridors... Choking Stench 1:59
13. Swank Shithouse :11
14. Treblinka 4:48
15. Hooked on the Obscene 2:14
16. Like Tears in the Rain 4:01
17. The Navajo Know (pixies) 2:06

90mg 320k mp3 17 tracks 42.33
its time to lay em down like a fresh set of dominoes.

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  1. Just so the rest of you know: this shit is seriously fucking awesome.

  2. Mono chrome; single cell chrome ore, one shade of gray.

    My apologies for your headphones...

  3. Great! Великолепно!

  4. Nice. Take out black metal parts, add more grind/noise.

  5. brutal boom.
    and leave in the black metal parts for christ's sake.

  6. Also, a big fat yes on the black metal parts.

  7. fucking superb! bm pixies!

  8. This is really good- thanks much for the intro.

  9. thanks dude, glad you liked it, at least someone heard it ha.-justin

  10. I saw a couple of these tracks on the amterrorxp myspace forever ago. I thought they were gone for good. Impressive stuff.

  11. Please, give us version 2.0!!!

  12. yea, i should remaster this shit now that i have a new computer!

    in th emean time, check out my dbeat band, krigblåst!

  13. Sir, it's been a month since I've got a chance to listen to your stuff for the first time. So far I've listen to it like 50 times and trust me I still don't have enough! Awesome masterpiece!! I don't like black metal (I don't consider CIIKADA as a black metal band though) but this is just so great. Vocals!!!! Man!!! A bit chaotic but don't change it, killing. Well, enough, I just wanted to say that I fell in love with CIIKADA and I cannot wait for next releases! Keep it insane, keep it original. Greetings from Czech!!!