Cellgraft (USA) - External Habitation (2010)

1. Centrosymmetric
2. Infrastructure
3. Corrupted Imagery
4. Machine Harvester
5. Diminish Resistance
6. Codex Alimentarius
7. Chronological Enslavement
8. Dormant Behavior Patterns
9. Collective Dysfunction
10. Devolved Through Dependency
11. External Habitation
12. Basis For Adaptation
13. Scum (Napalm Death)
Total playing time 11:14

Cellgraft uploaded eleven more minutes of mp3s - an upcoming tape release - their best material so far. What they did is, they became even noisier, implemented high-end vocals, and took the whole blast-break deal even further (including a Digitally Damaged thrashcan snaredrum). Cellgraft is getting to sound like a band that will need a kickass description of its own rather than the usual (albeit complimentary) Insect Warfare comparison + their lyrics are far better and possibly influenced by Assück.

Making for quite the orgasmic grind experience anyway, External Habitation is topped off with a sped-the-fuck-up cover of Napalm Death's "Scum." Seriously, what excuse could you have? I only hope that they'll beware of the sludge and take a visit to Grindmaster Jon Chang's relentless school of even more relentlessly relentless speed. 'Cause grind is where the heart is, and it's supposed to feel like a heart attack.

Grind to false death (Mediafire)

The post on their blog is right here. As for the rest, I posted their 2009 s/t here (now with lyrics that the guys thoughtfully included), and their old material here.

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  1. The To Live A Lie boards really play on the Assuck comparisons. A little far fetched, but the music is cool.

  2. it is good. i got two thumbs for up.


  3. Excellent! I was hoping for some new Cellgraftitude sometime soon!

  4. Solid. This band puts the fear back into the grindcore game. There is a bit of the Insect Warfare comparison, but there is more groove.

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  6. one of the best and more damaging grind band of the moment!

    if you're interested int hem you can read this interview on Blasting days: