Monday, October 26, 2009

Cellgraft (USA) - Cellgraft (2009)

1. Fabrication
2. Devolved Through Dependency
3. Blind Exchange
4. Corrupted Imagery
5. Construct Isolation
6. Eugenics
7. Sick With Rage
8. Reality Of Hell
9. Forced Tradition
10. Life Torcher
11. Soil
12. Erosion
13. Molded Clay
Total playing time 07:12

Get this gulf coast name-dropping trio. Hey, I guess it's like Tampa's Insect Warfare, with an Assücking edge, which means that it's a sharpened, or, uh - to put it realistically - blunted version. Punk rock, man. This one's a tape, only 300 copies I believe, but the guys put it up for free in any case. Didn't even hit me up with an email, which means that I found a free release all on my own for once. Though, you're free to go ahead and hit them up for one of them tapes.

No lyrics with the download, though. Good stuff anyway.

Still on fire, baby. (Mediafire)

P.S. For those who sent me mails in the last few months: in case you're wondering (or have already given up on me - I scratch my balls in your honor), I will, indeed, post those submitted things in my inbox.


brutalex said...

jolly good stuff!

orfee said...

Hold on, is Tampa in Texas and is it nicknamed "H-Town"??

Zmaj said...

As far as I'm concerned, Tampa is now in Texas.

But man, gulf coast grindcore. We need more of that.

Captcha said: tunrap. So there are tundras in Texas now, too? Or, I dunno, rappers.

gamefaced said...

word up. this is pleasant musics.


TheThirdChildren said...

These motherfuckers rip it real good!