Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zmajevdah (Croatia) - zmajevdah v.0 (2008?2012)

"Grindcore is love," I thought, some seventeen years of age. Life was ambivalent, except for when it came to love. Part of it came out with these recordings, initially meant for a split with Twitch Savant. Yet years go by, you know, maybe nothing even happens, but all of a sudden connections disappear, disintegrate in some strange post-natural air of our skyscraper hell. You might even think, for a while, "Hollow pocket, hollow heart - to slave away my body or my nerves..."

Noisy nights. Keep looking. How many blastbeats does it take? Eight lo-fi tracks of some steamy, DxAx worshipping, cyberpunk enthusiastic, scrap metal hybrid, no ten minutes long. It went like this:

zmajevdah v.0
01. Tachikoma
02. Perfect Blue
03. Bullet Ballet
04. Zenislev
05. Megastructure
06. Search
07. Antarctica
08. Ingram

[DL 01 - 08]
Zmajevdah is a solo project abounding with blastbeats - thanks to everyone who gives it a spin! Glad to be putting it finally up (recorded way back, early 2008 or so / date of e-release: today), "embarassing lyrics" and all (with original [pre-bitcrush] photos of our City, courtesy of Smetnja), as it's been bugging me for quite a while, even though I may have not managed to do what I wanted, especially considering the (sound) quality of the mix. In any case, those who like it may do whatever they want with it.

+ bonus track
09. The Jenova (GridLink)
[DL 09]
Good or bad, that's probably the first GridLink cover to have happened (Earth, 2010): The Lo-fi Jenova! Twitch Savant (the guy behind [for example:] Blaencathra) doing the drumming, with me on guitars & vocals. It is included separately as I wouldn't want people downloading the whole package on account of a covered song, (especially) as there is no Zmajevdah / Twitch Savant split anymore. That said, I've never done coke, nor have I dived with a parachute, but playing Matsubara's riffs ought to be a fairly similar experience (next cover, Mortalized?!).

Alternatively, download the whole thing @ Grindcore Karaoke.

A split CD soon to be released on ZugZwang Records: Zmajevdah with Emotion of Loss, a Russian industrial doom project by the man behind the Quagmire label (who released Sete Star Sept's 4th demo).


gamefaced said...

you must do cover mortalized,
great work (still)

DesiccatedVeins said...

Nice, I'm excited to hear what your new material's going to sound like.

Zmaj said...

eerieVal: Well, I'd definitely enjoy doing one. (& thanks!)

Nigel Nigelovich Nigeljnikov: (about ZugZwang, right? ...) It's not exactly new! And not exactly grind. I'll send you (the two of) them if you'd like, anyhow.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Yeah, about the ZugZwang project, and either way, I'd still definitely like to hear it. Your stuff rarely disappoints. And shit, I wish everyone would call me that, Karlo Karlolovich! (Karlovich? I suck with patronymics and the like).

Zmaj said...

Thanks Nigel Nigelovich. And hey, it would be - if it could come to be - Karlovich, but Karlolovich sure sounds funky! :D Are these some sort of, um... autonyms? Something different, that, humm...

thethirdchildren said...

Hey, congrats to being added to grindcore karaoke :-)

Zmaj said...

Oh that's right. The man checked it out, sent me an email and that's that - props to him.

Anonymous said...

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