Monday, April 9, 2012

Sete Star Sept (Japan) - Demo #4 MC (2010) + Lovely Labels: Quagmire

Grind is not a contest, pal. Grind is not a job. There is no High Priest of the Blastbeat, no place for flattery, sycophancy. Or at least we thought so - now fast music is for snakes? - until, for example, Magrudergrind established an acceptable prostitution, all by a few alright grind songs (conclusion on account of hypocrisy, nothing else / we're only words here, anyway). Lovely Labels is partly an answer to the question: are we with these guys and their efforts? [Includes "being in it for the music."]

Quagmire is one man in Russia. It's a dirty DIY job. This guy (alias "dirt") keeps releasing raw, obscure sounds from all over the world, endeavoring in limited packages in a mode similar to ZugZwang's (naturally - lucky for us - they communicate & collaborate). Take, for example, Sete Star Sept's fourth demo here, on cassete. [Not to forget!- Regarding your assumed interest in the kickass Quagmire label, you also ought to check out the video teasers that he puts up for upcoming releases, like the one for Horse Latitudes / Loinen.] For those who haven't checked 'em out, SSS is a grind project "formed (in 2008) by Kiyasu (ex. The Endless Blockade) in Tokyo, Japan" and the current line-up consists of Kae (Vocals,Bass) & Kiyasu (Drums). The band is a wonderful flurry of noise, blastbeats and all, strolling by with a rabid snarl. I haven't asked [dirt], but this particular tape is likely to be sold out.

Luckily, I used to be an insomniac bent on spreading Japanese grind, so we're left with the blog here, for all your grindy needs, one click away from fulfillment (y'know, in lack of plastic...). The Sete Star Sept debut full-length - Revision of Noise - was released in 2010 by Fuck Yoga Records in Macedonia and Idoneum Bello Records in Germany; for more info, read Nigel's enthusiastic review on his blog, Hipness as a Second Language. Among other things, another band seems to have "sprouted from" 3S / 7s7, one you might have noticed on Randall's Grindcore Karaoke - Self Deconstruction's freestyle grind, likely to be talked of very soon on Cephalochromoscope.

Revise Noise! (Mediafire)

In order to conclude, brothers and sisters, I can promise that you have not heard the last of Quagmire on Cephscope!


Arekusu said...

Thanks for this!
I love everything Sete Star Sept does.

dirt said...

i'll be damned, thanks for spreading the word man! huge respect. and HORNS!!

Zmaj said...

All props to Quagmire!

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