Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flourishing (USA) - A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World EP (2010)

1. Harvesting
2. Fixture
3. Watching Sparrows
4. Feeling So At Ease
5. Snake Charmer
Total playing time 16:33

Concerning the last few posts, I sure hope I'm doing The Path Less Traveled Records a favor rather than reducing their sales. Actually, with two of them I'm already covered, but this whole area sure is gray. In any case, just looking at the label's band roster proved to be an exciting experience (e.g. Body Hammer, Humanity Falls, and Flourishing here), so downright props to the project. Read the blog, too, over here.

I like the album title a whole lot - could it be said that it defines what might be called a stark contrast of present day, civilized perception, as in: man's animalistic / intuitive ability to sense the world all at once, as what is, rather than what it was, what it could, should, or might be, as hindered by interpretation in symbols, letters, language, art (sound familiar? I'll not be the one to namedrop any authors for several reasons, including the setting + concept of the blog). Flourishing consists of the classic three-man band set up, pretty tight and flowing. I've heard their death metal being described as under the influence of Discordance Axis, even, but I seriously don't know what that's all about - A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World is like Lykathea Aflame's Elvenfris pulled to the more established, darker side of death metal, so here's to the frequent namedropping of Immolation & Gorguts.

Flour-ishin' (Fire to the Media)

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Daniel said...

really liked this, some great bone crushing moments. Full album has just been released too at the label blog, I'll definitely try to pick that up.