Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body Hammer (USA) - Jigoku (2009)

1. Severe Aural Torture
2. The Bystander Effect
3. Direct Digital Drive
4. Blue Eyed Assassin
5. MPD Psycho
6. No Fucking Way
7. The Principles and Practices of Nihilism
8. Inherent Agoraphobia
9. Greatknife
10. It's Not Even Human, Shove it Back In
11. Red Pyramid
12. 29 Second Stairway
13. 2 Minute Stairway
14. The Square Root of 964
15. Deeper Into The Abyss
16. Jigoku
17. When Mental Anguish Exceeds The Physical Capability for Pain
18. Untitled
Total playing time 34:28

A certain sort of sound may reflect off Japanese cyberpunk visuals, and it sure as hell ain't grunge. Jigoku is an aural reproduction of the scene where Tetsuo - the real Iron Man - exhibits his infamous drill-cock shenanigans, bent on making you reconsider your machine / cyborg sexual fetishism, i.e. Ryan Page wants YOU to be uncomfortable, thus he offers an elucidation regarding the emptiness inherent in the notion of "humanist technology". Including a monumental nod to Discordance Axis (MPD Psycho), Body Hammer is heavy on the atmosphere of several psychological disturbances, yet calling the project "ambiental" doesn't quite cut it as there is a definite rawness pertaining to its (hyper-)blastbeat-happy grind roots: a claustrophobic, steamy, tubular quality pervades all tracks, like light pollution and apathetic nihilism pervade what we call our cities, highly developed civilization, total lethargy made the equivalent of zen. Sure, I am but dealing in symbols, but it's all I've left anyhow if Page is anywhere near prophetic with his music.

Direct Digital Drive (Mediafire)

Get Jigoku from the very nice Path Less Traveled Records in a DVD case, at that.


Andrew Childers said...

i love the hell out of that album. ryan is an insanely gifted musician.

and the album really matches the psychedelic ending to the movie jigojku too. even better than tetsuo.

orfee said...

although montréal is ten times smaller than nyc, it produces 80% of its light pollution.


Andrew Childers said...

most of that's just the red light coming on behind carey price.


this poor blues fan is started to think they got snookered in the great goalie trade of 2010

orfee said...

dear Andrew,

the only thing i like about hockey is to talk shit about it... haven't been around hockey rants since i left... have i ever told you i'm friends with Jean Béliveau's little little little nephew? ;)

Ryan Page said...

Thanks again for posting this.

Andrew Childers said...

vive le rouge, blanc e bleu!

orfee said...

we just say "tricolore" andrew, so that way we don't confuse the habs with the american flag.