Thursday, March 24, 2011

Humanity Falls (USA) - Ordaining the Apocalypse (2010)

1. No Room for Ingenuity
2. Prolonging the Inevitable
3. To Have or To Be?
4. The False Enmity
5. Denounced Manifestation
6. At the Temple of Everlasting Condemnation
7. Ordaining the Apocalypse
8. Immoral Abhorrence
9. Of Divine Nature
Total playing time 31:15

Sponsored by laziness, I bring you this post. Well, at least in part, 'cause Humanity Falls is definitely a damn cool band that deserves some more attention + the means of quality recording / mixing / mastering / whatever the fuck. And I don't know why I swear so much. You should hear me in Croatian/Serbian - it's even worse. Fucking fuck fuck fuck... ;D

*wink* *wink* Just yesterday I thought to myself, why not start winking at people in the streets? *wink* Irrelevantly, i.e. Ctrl + C, I'm rarely the one to whine about the production job, but whereas the Worlds 7" was kickass noise, Ordaining the Apocalypse sounds as if it was recorded with a few cheap mics in a badly isolated garage (simply put, the lack of bass is much too apparent). Nonetheless, we get to hear thirty-three minutes of very interesting death-grind falling somewhere in-between Discordance Axis and Immolation / Gorguts / good death metal - as such, it simply cannot be dubbed not-disgustingly-awesome by anyone sane. That goddamn drummer doesn't spend a moment slacking off and it sounds as if he could kick his own ass (is he sufficiently loud off-record, though?), but I hope that - in the future - the whole band manages to pull their approach together for a less cut 'n' paste sound. That said, Humanity Falls let go off so many lazy metal gimmicks with both their sound and lyrics pertaining to philosophy and such, yet they showcase classically old school death metal cover art that could fool just about anyone in regard to the level of the material within, a tracklist topped off with a Pattern Blue cover for fuck's sake! Keeping an eye on these guys.

Dr. Andrew also just put up a review over at Grind & Punishment, explaining how you can also download it at Deathgrindfreak's address with zero objections from the band. Do it.

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Andrew Childers said...

i just heard back from the band and they said the recording budget was pretty much zero. it was purely a diy effort. hopefully their next time out they can the support their songs need.