Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jesus Egg & Grimsby (USA) - Split CDr (Year Zero)

Jesus Egg, Tracks 1 - 12
Grimsby, Tracks 13 - 23
Total running time 16:25

Big thanks for the release go to Kunal of SuperFi Records, as he's the one that sent it in! That said, Kunal also awesomely put out the Swarrrm / Dimlaia split, a fact that takes me way, way back (well, alright, a year and some), when Sgt. Batguano of the excellent Fugitive Equilibrium ripped the 10" for me 'cause I hadn't yet heard it at that point.

Yeah, time is an asshole for so many reasons.

The actual asshole might be me, though. But fuck time, anyhow.

So anyway, more Jesus Egg?! Not really, 'cause what you get here are the twelve tracks from the two demos that I already posted (five from one, seven from the other, but set in reverse). Doesn't matter 'cause we haven't heard the eleven Grimsby tracks, have we? We most definitely haven't.

They're a band that might share / might have shared some band members with Jesus Egg, drama actors whom I will not name out of fear for a backlash of "real life drama on the internet." They also share their bandname with a port town in England, and another town on Lake Ontario, while they play nice 'n' fast as fuck hardcore, owing its charm / anti-charm one part to the recording quality (i.e. anti-quality), the other to cool sludge trudging & thrash-a-thrashing. Powerviolent, lovely, sweet. Bring on the angry unicorns. Or the even more dangerous tricorns. Or some goddamn rhinos in the middle of their mating season, if you can't take a joke.

But what in Jaysus' name is a "Grimsby"? (Mediafire)

Rhinos, you are sweet.


TheThirdChildren said...

Having song titles would rule :)

Thanks Zmaj

Zmaj said...

Shit man, I share the opinion, but "Bane of Avalon", "Botato Pug", and "Bloodwork" are the only ones I've got (tracks 10, 11, 12).

colokeye (woah)

DesiccatedVeins said...

I'll take sort-of more Jesus Egg over none at all any day.

Zmaj said...

That's the spirit.


..Hi, please, would you know about release date (Year) ??

Zmaj said...

Not really, man, but it ought to be / probably is around 2004, maximally 2005.

Anonymous said...

I found my copy of the CD!

It was released on Give Praise Records cat# 10.

Jesus Egg
1. Myelitis
2. Toxic Jamboree
3. Exuviate Guilt
4. Hand of Vultures
5. Unorthodox Transaction
6. Diachronic Pondering
7. Aggrieved
8. Opthalmoplegia
9. Violent Effusion
10. Bane Of Avalon
11. Botato Pug
12. Apathetic Sedition

13. Oburgate
14. Freemason Freakout
15. Stop Leaving Threats On My Window Sill
16. Ed The Watchman
17. Curbstomping Emo Kids
18. Goodbye Blue Monday
19. Suburban Sprawl
20. The Enigma Of Desire 9
21. Holy Name Butt Sluts
22. Gladys
23. Aspersion

JE is: Jon (drums), Ryan (vocals), Cole (guitar), Jamie (guitar)
G is Ken (vocals), Brian (guitar), Ryan (bass, vocals), Mike (drums)