Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jesus Egg (USA) - Erm, some presumably newer stuff (around 2004)

1. Track 1
2. Track 2
3. Track 3
4. Track 4
5. Unorthodox Transaction
6. Track 6
7. Track 7
Total running time 4:02

I'm not really gonna say whether I enjoy this more than version 1.0, but it's some newer stuff and it is obvious that the band has tightened up heavily. If I must trace their grind / metal / punk lineage in order to define Jesus Egg's sound, bluntly put, both releases / demos come from Discordant Axis' orbit, yet, as they got older, the band tended to do things from a more Human Remains angle. A great thing, too, considering how well they found themselves in the whole abrasively austere stop-start riffin' business. Ever so lovingly and completely un-jokingly, ska-punk also makes an appearance in-between bursts of manic thrash. And that's it! Nico (Hypoptalasias) provided this one too, seven more tracks, 40 seconds less than the five-track version 1.0, and that's all I have. Regretfully, I just recorded the first utilisation of the dreadful "ska" tag, making the blog die a little on the inside. Just kidding, ha, ha... ha.

Not kidding. (Mediafire)

My compatriot (well, near enough) Thethirdchildren provided an excellent link with some Jesus Egg info! So here's their purevolume page (check out the Chang-as-fuck lyrics to "Censure"). The band is apparently composed of J
on Vinson, Cole Martinez, Ryan Wes(e?)ling, and Jamie Bibbs. They're - get this - "a 4 piece from cleveland, ohio blending death metal, grind, ska, and jazz into one." The description's heart is at the right place, but it misses "reggae".


thethirdchildren said...

Weeeee! A mention on cephalochromoscope and new stuff by Jesus Egg all in one post. Happy ^_^

orfee said...

Ska died in 1966. Meh.


Frank said...

CAN WE GET A REUP FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK? Please. Nice blog btw. <3