Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Atka (Germany) - Six Pieces Of... 3" CD (2007)

ATKA is the sort of mad, no-borders grind that I cannot help but love. There's dissonance that will appeal to the Damage Digital, Maruta, Crowpath fan + a bellowing groove behind the blastbeat reminiscing of Discordance Axis + unnerving, melodic wing-spreading somewhat akin to Swarrrm, even a part where they sound like a melo-death band that somehow manages not to suck + mathematically merciless deliverance of the whole package. This is original, modern, hellishly urgent grind at its shiniest, surgically precise chaos done absolutely right, no questions asked, like The Inalienable Dreamless deconstructed by Nise Kyuuseishu Domo. Painful, but enjoyably so, it's like asking what's wrong with the world - everything! Everything's wrong, man! Erm...

What's funny is that someone recently mentioned ATKA to me, when Nowak (bass) sent a mail explaining how they have this 3" CD free for download.
"as for band info and stuff, there's really not much to say. atka started in 2005, in 2007 we released this 6song 3"cd, in 2008 we released a 7song split lp/cd with shimetsu from germany. two split 7"s coming up, maybe a full-length album in 2011. band members live in giessen and berlin, germany. hp is www.myspace.com/atkametal"

~414 seconds (Megaupload)

Oh and, they have a split with Swarrrm coming out.

"majoscha said:
stuff available here:


majoscha said...

stuff available here:

gamefaced said...

nice stuff.

Andrew Childers said...

this is something i've been meaning to check out for about nine months now.

Jyb said...

Thanks, I stumbled on them some time ago, a good suprise. "Intelligent" grind ,like you said. Their split with Shimetsu looks intersting too.

Anonymous said...

the atka // shimetsu mCD is also avaiable here:


respect mAtt//EcocentricRecords

desiccated_veins said...

Nobody has any links to their other stuff, do they? I like what I'm hearing here.

gamefaced said...

the more i listen to this the more i love this.

peter said...

the split 7" with swarrrm is out now...check our site for (admittedly, a tiny piece of) more information