Wormrot & Diseptic (Singapore & Greece) - Split Tape (2008)

Wormrot is Wormrot.

Fronted by sole member Vaggelis, Diseptic is a Greek one man band with his mind bent on grinding the conservative way, with dirty, raw, ugly crust on his teeth, listening to some good ol' Disrupt and shit, playing guitar with a saw, the strings just loose enough not to snap in circular riffs not even his mother could like. Nobody expects her to, anyway. I mean, imagine how fucked up you'd have turned out if YOUR mother listened to grind.

Just kidding. But hey, for those of you with kids - don't play them this one. Even I stand considerably perplexed by just how awesome and incomprehensible a songtitle "Sky Rape" makes. I mean, how ambitious is that?! Grandiose. Vigorous. Aspiring. Ambiguous. Whateverous.

Erm, yes. It's for download. (Mediafire)

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  1. well damn. now you got me thinking about how screwed up my kids are going to be one day.

  2. I heard that exposure to one-foot blastbeats speeds up the growth of plants and animals alike.

    I dunno, it kinda makes sense to me.

  3. Ha, reminds me of this adorable silliness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPZCTChe7Qo