Dephosphorus (Greece) - Axiom (2011)

It's been a couple of Gregorian millennia and none of us will live to see any sort of historical conclusion to our century. The fragile quality of history might be worth a dime only in retrospect, hence I can respect The Beard as the actual entity (that was) behind Marx. Can't trust anyone / no time to waste / it'll all be gone before you know it. And here I am, considering grindcore with a resolutely notched grin... "...using a blank piece of paper, the page of some notebook, as the point upon which one can develop / form and develop expression - what if one's canvas was... the blastbeat?" I've got a thing for grind, and I'm not the only one. Last year might have been the year grind went into space - again! It's been about a decade, ten years spent tediously drilling into the Earth. Not talking about any band in particular, and I missed out on creating a list of "2011 favorites" 'cause I didn't have it in me to write one down after 2010, not to mention being well out of the loop. Still, it was certainly impossible to ignore all that sexy space grind, from Psudoku to Dephosphorus. Mr. C did a one-question interview with the latter, a Greek trio bent on swinging among those stars & checking out what spring is like, erm, on Jupiter and Mars. Once we trash Sinatra we're left with a few words from the vocalist - Panos - a few utterly true and very different words that could appear just as romantic were it not for well over twenty years of various, concentrated physical manifestations of the Blastbeat (circular, primitive / intuitive, one tension and endless potential, droning on the edge of reason through but one wondrous question: what is the durability of instant catharsis? To find the greatest possible span of time within which it all happens, and to stretch this moment into the horizon... ( illuminating the world with a moribund firefly!)): "I love listening and playing grindcore because this genre is the apotheosis of rhythm //" Yes!! It is the final frontier of rhythm. And, as the most self-indulgent lad in the review business, I do prefer to talk about form over content, despite the lyrics that go with "Axiom" ("Mere form is irrelevant-"). I've neglected Dephosphorus enough, though, and now I wish them less bombast & metal, more blastbeats & rebetiko! On a more serious note, it's hard to actually badmouth a band so dynamically crusty. Most helpful reviews are purely comparative, really. We have 324 in Japan, Magnicide in Singapore, while in Greece, we have - Dephosphorus! Sometimes spaced-out - anyone remember Gasp, those Puzzle Zoo People?! Psychedelia is certainly uncared-for in fast music... (sans the ritualism of hypnotizing black metal) - often on the verge of ambiguous death metal, the riffs ride more often on cosmic gloom than discord; nevertheless, I did think of Norway's Diskord and their awesome "Doomscapes" (won't ever be posted seeing as a bandmember noted to me how their label would, indeed, mind). Now I don't know jackshit about Greek, old or new (except for some possibly Greek Catholic ancestors), but I enjoy Joyce and I guess I might be writing a fair amount of gibberish [rapid chatter like that of monkeys] most of the time anyway so I might as well end it with a buoyant proclamation (under the temporary pretense that it is the thought that matters). Dephosphorus Stephanophoros - Grindos Stephanumenos! (Click away for the download link(s) on their site-) See you next century on blastbeat therapy! Grab onto your skull - last remnant of the drum.

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  1. dephosphorus' full length and their upcoming split with wake are my two most anticipated releases this year.

  2. This album really, really grew on me over the past few months. I still wish there was more speed and intensity too, but the psychedelia and spaciness work so well. PS I still love Gasp. So much.

  3. oh man. gasp. i finally grabbed a decent copy of their comp. there were a truly underappreciated band.

  4. Are bands obscure if they are interesting (1), or are they interesting if they are obscure (2)?

    (1) Gasp!
    (2) Black metal.

  5. read a new interview with Panos Agoros of Dephosphorus here on Blasting days :