Wednesday, February 2, 2011

0100 The year 2010 through a Cephalochromoscope (Part 1/4)

I know I'm late. Can't travel back in time, anyhow. If I had to, I'd say that 2010 took the cake in the sludge / slower department in general; bands like Thou, Harvey Milk, Cough, The Body, the new, improved version of Bastard Noise, and much, much more (and sure, I've missed some potentially ace / probably metal ones, e.g. the new Immolation, but I don't really care to hear about it unless it's grind). Not to worry, though, 'cause I've suffered through a great lot of blastbeats anyhow. Deliberately ignoring a lot of titles like, uh, the new Rotten Sound EP, there was still a metric fuckton of boring, vapid, cliched material left to feed on my compulsive urges, so here's a belated New Year's Fuck You to myself. Before indulging into the humongous, cryptic pile of text below (an overview of 2010 releases without a rating system), stop idolizing and romanticizing whatever shit you like to listen to. If you wished to do so, you could download just about any of these releases by typing the band name, the title of the record, and the infamous "mediafire" into Google's indiscreet search bar. That said, on a personal note / in retrospect, the whole year seemed too fast for its own good, yet I've opaque imagery from France to Serbia to stand as its monument, with some old projects, some new ones, some finished (e.g. sketchgrind), some not, shitloads of books - and even more booze - behind, several notebooks still to transcribe, and many blastbeats scattered timelessly. Two thousand and ten, I'm gonna start with the fast shit and let it burn itself out!


I. Haste 1.1

- shiny grind

- assück

- grind and powerviolence BFF

- czechoslovacore

- a-thrashin'

I. Haste 1.2

- emo

- non-grind blastbeats

- hardbone, uh, badcore, erm, hardcore?

- punk as fuck

- not punk as fuck

II. Slow down and die

- winning a sludge contest is like

- avant-garde, why so slow?

- manowar wannabes

- noisy boner for the stoner

- too slow for school



and then there was METAL said...

if i only knew what a cephalochromscope

Zmaj said...

A cephalochromoscope is a "brain-scan device with a screen to display neural patterns." :)

[Note: does not exist.]

DesiccatedVeins said...

The answer to that question is "Read more Philip K. Dick."

brutalex said...

The best part of every year is looking back at it through a cephalochromoscope.

Zmaj said...

The best part of the year is summer. :P

MYW said...

the best part is the year