The year 2009 through a cephalochromoscope (Part 1/3)

Our blog had twelve less posts in 2009 than in 2008, notwithstanding the larger amount of time / months / days (first post: 4/19/08). I'm nowhere near as active as I was for reasons of my own, but what can I say - all hail Orfee! Thanks for all the awesome blues and fastcore, man. :) As for me - my future blog-plans include many post regarding Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and whatever other grind scene gets caught up in-between. About past posts - I'm aware that many links are offline, so if you'd like us to reupload just leave a shout in the shoutbox with the info or a link to the post (although there are a few exceptions which will not be reuploaded - e.g. "B-a-a-a-th Tub Shit-Ter," 'cause we've had enough of each other ;)).

What follows is a personal overview of 2009 in music, with four more album posts at the bottom (five, if you count Wormrot). The post grew out of control so I divided it into three parts + the top five album posts + included an index. As far as I'm concerned, the definite album of the year is Liturgy - Renihilation. I always choose not to explicitly rate records in general because I am often manically undecided, nervous and excited about music and because impressions often fade over time. Therefore, I compiled a list of releases that I liked, and releases that I didn't / couldn't like - releases that I found of interest, and releases that fulfilled or failed to fulfill my expectations. Not much of the stuff in the grind portion is posted on Cephalochromoscope (might be in the future, though), but most of the records have a review on Grind and Punishment - highly recommended. There is no download link for everything and most of it can be found by a simple "bandname + mediafire" in the Google search bar anyway, but I decided to include some links / shout-outs to other blogs / reviews.

Part 1/3 - index, introduction
Part 2/3 - cephalochromogrind, powerviolent me
Part 3/3 - jesus-hating metal, lost among blastbeats, neglected children, expected demisors of my hearing in 2010

The top 5 bands in a top 3 list:
3. Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Psyopus / maudlin of the Well
2. Womrot
1. Liturgy

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