Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Psyopus (USA) - Odd Senses (2009)

1. 44
2. Medusa
3. Burning Halo
4. Duct Tape Smile
5. X and Y
6. Boogyman
7. Imogen's Puzzle, Pt. 3
8. Choker Chain
9. Ms. Shyflower
10. A Murder to Child
11. Bonus Track
Total playing time 1:01:47

Psyopus' third album pushes the limits of guitar music even further and in a way altogether different than grind - through composition, technicality and rethinking the definition of music AKA making noise. All together altogether different. When I say "technicality" in this context, I figure one could think of NOISM, and when I say "noise," one could even think of Melt-Banana and stuff like Cell Scape where nicely crafted noise constitutes a riff. Psyopus is different. Sure, many have blown the shape and meaning of a riff in madder ways than Chris Arp, but what he specifically takes to extremities is composition. Listen to Choker Chain, the audio samples busting up the song in short, desperate, mind-numbing droning exhibitions that could well drive a person nuts, intervowen with cacophonic blasting that could drive a, well, person listening to less extreme music nuts, and most "extreme" music fans, too, tragically or comically or both. Fuck, we might as well call Psyopus grindcore for managing to do what most grind bands don't even realize as their duty. Odd Senses is such an uncomfrotable album because there is (little to) no musical comformity.

Until A Murder to Child starts - a guitar-centered, pretty, disquietude-inducing classical composition. The inside of Arp's head sounds like a village set on fire by invading UFOs in the middle ages. Over and over and over and over. I slip your monster in the...

Odd Nonsenses (Mediafire)

Released on Metal Blade.

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Shanetera said...

Good shit dude, I love these guys.