Parlamentarisk Sodomi (Norway) - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler (2009)

01. Introduksjonell Mistillit
02. Stygg, Urban Uvirkelighet
03. Jevn Oslo Med Jorda
04. Transatlantisk Forjævligsering
05. Regnskog, Fred Og Vegetarmat
06. Statsbudsjettsblues
07. Beføl En Ordfører
08. Du Vet Ikke Om Atomåpen
09. Høyesterettsjustitiarius, Vennligst Detroniser En Minister
10. Mistanke Om Valgfusk Under Opptellingen Etter Stortingsvalget I 2005...
11. Klæbukrønikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler)
12. Utroduksjonelt Rævkjør
Total playing time 29:15

Heavy on politically fueled anger, how furious is this one man grind project! Like it or not, more than 324, and it beats the crap out of Rebelgrind. I did just say all that. It is furious and full of ass-kickery (kick-assery?). Like if the downright relentless blasting wasn't enough, Papirmøllen's riffs sound like a blistering (redudant much?) swarrrm of hornets, a style even more apparent on Har Du Sagt A Far Du Si Nal (and, well, World Downfall, an influence all too apparent), an album just a bit more intense, fierce, which is also the reason why I like it more (truth be told) proportionatelly to the time spent on blastbeats on the record. Really, the only way De Anarkistike An(n)aler could have been any better was if last year's debut had never happened.

I say we let Papirmøllen mark a new era of Norwegian grindcore, may many a grind band engage in Parlamentarisk Sodomi worship, let the blastbeats flow endlessly, even though the guy put this one on a hiatus to engage in another, potentially just as awesome project (Psudoku). As far as I'm concerned, he could do an album's worth of the intro's - "Introduksjonell Mistillit" - type of powerviolent noisegrind. I mean, these two albums hold almost enough firepower to solely destroy all that Swedish stuff (I am just so controversial, tee-hee! Eh...). There's even a relatively dynamic (Jesus Christ, it's a goddamn grind song) 10min 38sec-long grind epic titled "Klæbukrønikene (De Anarkistiske An(n)aler)," a phenomenon comparable to 324's three and a half minutes shorter "Boutoku no Taiyo" (it's on Across the Black Wings [and what did I say about 324?]).

Noruwei no guraindu no taiyo (Mediafire)

Released on 625 Thrash, available on Crucifiados Pelo Sistema, Missing Link.

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  2. if i may paraphrase brendan frasier from airheads: this album could be half an hour of mollen farting on a snare drum and i'd still buy it.