Friday, March 2, 2012

Resonance of Spiral (Japan) - DEVBLU EP (2011) + Lovely Labels: ZugZwang Productions

We all know that independent labels with wortwhile, perhaps obscure rosters deserve at least as much attention as some of the bigger ones, and certainly more than the big ones, if you catch my drift. This is why I'd like to, well, not introduce, 'cause in this case, it already happened, but anyhow ~ I'd definitely like to give 'em a bit more space on Cephalochromoscope (hence the "lovely labels" tag), especially considering in what fashion we deliver what we deliver, i.e. "for free." I've known Jyb's penchant for extreme music for a while now, but his label, ZugZwang Productions, is still as fresh as dew, although you wouldn't know it from the releases considering their quality in-general, starting with the whole physical part of the deal; naturally, I'm talking about the packaging, and the time and enthusiasm that he puts into all of them. If there is a guarantee, it pertains to receiving something new and homegrown as opposed to receving another bundle of kitsch. Just like that, he decided to hand me this release in order for me to upload and write up a few impressions.

Resonance of Spiral is a Japanese two-man band from Japan, vaguely industrial in expression. What is it in their music that would make me use "Japanese" as an adjective (I mean, except for my idiocy)? That's easy! The authentically oppressive, hermetic atmosphere that I can connect all at once to Corrupted and Tetsuo and Xinlisupreme. On one hand, it's all damn blunt: the drum machine is blunt, the distortion on the vocals is blunt, and The Bass - let me tell you - is as blunt as the apocalypse. Sounds damn wonderful, doesn't it? You got that right, so there really is no other hand (but I'll try to lay off such flea market modes of reviewing...). As heavy as concrete, DEVBLU could resonate only between skyscrapers and similarly alienating structures, and hey, you might fancy putting "The Value of Knights" on your dubstep party's playlist if you'd like to test your guests. Have you ever seen a man cry from his ears? The flesh of God, our ears. You know, back in 1910, in Barcelona, in Santa Cruz, boy, at least one apocalyptic writer coughed his last cough by the urge of turberculosis. But that was some hundred years ago, and today we've got a myriad of different illnesses to compensate. Might not be the time to die of MUSIC, but there's a certain mood of our time, or at least JAPAN, of which one could compile an ace collection of chansons as alienating as the stuff of their inspiration - I talk of things urban - and it could start and end perfectly with Kenji Kawai's Unnatural City.

Assault yourself! (Mediafire)

Check the presentation below if you've any heart left in you, because ''Zugzwang packages all these fragile, feeble pieces of plastic you call records in lovely handmade packagings. Specially designed for each release, these packagings will protect them against the hazards of a life spent on the shelves of a record collection...'' Aaand you can buy the sexy thing right here for a mere 6€.


Andrew Childers said...

"Resonance of Spiral is a Japanese two-man band from Japan, vaguely industrial in expression. What is it in their music that would make me use "Japanese" as an adjective (I mean, except for my idiocy)?"

damn. that's pretty friggen japanese.
i kid, i kid. ;)

Zmaj said...

Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood. *tah tananah tananah*