Friday, January 2, 2009

Tetsuo (Japan) - Ranshuo

1. Ranshuo
Total playing time 16:15

So Jyb decided to contribute Tetsuo's Ranshuo to Cephscope. I am fully aware that you know nothing at all about this band. Get ready though ... (!) Tetsuo is basically ex-Birushanah. The mere thought of this should make you wet, really. I planned on posting yesterday, actually, but Dødheimsgard made that cephalochromoday.

Here's what Jyb said:

"Here's my first contribution to Cephalo': "Ranshuo", by Tetsuo. It's a one-track album, 16mn long. If you notice a resemblance with Birushanah as I did, that's because that's the same guys (bass, guitar and voices). Tetsuo were their previous band.

Musically, it sounds like an early pissed-off Neurosis. And it's japanese, so it sounds REALLY pissed-off. More precisely, it's some kind of metallic sludge, going back and forth from fast-paced parts to midtempos, and back to killing accelerations again, all wrapped in that industrial/end of the world atmosphere. The 16 minutes pass like a charm, without boredom. It sounds even a little short, but hey, it's better than being bored by the last 20mn of a 70mn track."

Me, I can't thank Jyb enough for this gem.

KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (.wma, Megaupload)


Lord Davydd Grimm said...

Crikey! Thanks, Jyb :)

Chairmaker said...

"I am fully aware that you know nothing at all about this band"

Not true! However my copy of this was tagged by somebody who typed with a lisp, and I had been unable to find out much about 'Tethuo'- Knowing they're the Corrupted guys makes a lot of sense.

Chairmaker said...

^ Birushanah, that is.

gamefaced said...


Jyb said...

Actually, that album was a bitch to find, given the different way to spell it (Ransho, Ranshuo, Ran sho etc). Glad you like it.

goatfather said...

Sounds swell. Thanks for posting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!
greeeeeeeeat works!!!

D-Rider said...

awesome!! thanks a lot for this! was shibata part of tetsuo?

Zmaj said...

Yeah, I think Shibata/Sougyo and Iso were the (Birushanah) members of Tetsuo. Amazing bassist, that guy.

Raidho said...

indeed. thx again. great blog