Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lovely Labels: Kythibong

In this Lovely Labels installation, we really won't move much, at least if we consider the distance geographically (within the borders of Bretagne, is it?); some puny ninety kilometers from Nantes to Angers, a very comfortable drive for what my memory's worth, myself not hitchhiking for a change / courtesy of Jyb (ZugZwang Prod.) driving (both directions) with Tetsuo and a French band, whose name I forgot, on the stereo, yet I do recall nicely how they sampled - just as nicely - Allen Ginsberg's Howl on the opening track; that and the poor car's windows down to the bottom owing to my damp socks drying as best as they can on the heaters up front, below the windshield, but I guess that's one thoroughly irrelevant story... Anyhow; here where I'm at, we set up gigs for inumerable bands from all corners of France, the only rule or worry being a DIY incision in their brains. Or hearts. Once the gash is there, you quench the thirst - how many people can you meet? When John Makay, having already done it once, sent me an email explaining how they were touring again, this time with Papaye, it seemed natural that we had a deal before the mail was even written.

Time to get to the point! Mric of Papaye is one of the individuals behind Kythibong - a Nantes-based label representing a bunch of complicated noise enthusiasts, and, while some of them appear to be running about fifty weird projects at once, they usually perform as ansambles of one, two, even three (redundant info, huh). Judge the eclectic roster by band names alone, - Komandant Cobra, Piano Chat, Room 204, Papier Tigre, Papaye (video below)... - and you might live to speak of colorful psychedelia, beasts of paper, general synesthesia the size of an A4 page of LSD, and at least one face-to-face encounter with some guy's crotch.

The general penchant might be for something along the lines of noise and/or math rock, so if this happens to be anyhwere near your line of interest - better check it out lest you lose out on several experiences as traumatic as falling in love. What was the title of that early Jon Hughes teen flick... the one with a cover of that song that goes, erm... "Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with Pneu." [for example, sheesh...] This time around I'm all out of download links, but I know Kythibong's there for you if you're there for Kythibong. Gotta keep our relationships healthy, you know, and we all know how that shit doesn't work at all when it's only one side giving.

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i completely read that as kthxbai. i've really gotta stop reading i can has cheezburger so much.