Sunday, March 18, 2012

Attack of the Mad Axeman (Germany) - Scumdogs of the Forest (2009)

1. Scumdogs of the Forest
2. Hors(E)T on the Corridor
3. Klape Zu, Affe Tot
4. Hier Kommt Knut
5. Nazi Worms Fuck Off
6. Die Diebische Elster Von Brooklyn
7. Squirrel VS Glen Benton
8. Eichhoernchenwaterski
9. Moshen Wie Gott in Frankreich
10. Morbider Angler
11. Grind, Grind, Grind!
12. 16 Faeuste Fuer Ein Halleluja
13. Die Schnellste Vogelspinne Von Kiel
14. Knut For Breakfast
15. Schneckenozid
16. Knut
17. Elefantophobia 2
18. Arschbombe Des Monats
19. I Like Bands
20. Knut 2
21. Woody Woodgrinder
22. The Undertaker

Decided to post up some excellent newer [grind] releases that seem to have been neglected! Ones that I might have already mentioned, but wasn't feeling comfortable enough to post, for whatever reason...

Remember or not, this I have said! - "Attack of the Mad Axeman scared all the birds and bunnies out of the forest with slick death-grind chops of a kind that no one pursued as nicely since Matsubara-san of GridLink and Otake-san of Gate. I mean, these are somewhat grown men in animal costumes refreshing the shit & vomit-stained genre. Reel around the fountain, smack me on the patio, play fast or don't, but I'll have a piece of that Schwarzwald grind any time. And to think that I didn't get to see 'em live 'cause one of the guys caught the swine flu! Karma, what the fuck are you doing?"

Now don't you be visiting this blog looking for pornographi, son, but you ought to know that you're in for some damn naked animals!
"Animal grind is an attempt of deconstructing boundaries: not only between humans and animals also within the animals themselves: snail on drums, a bee on bass, a growling turtle on vocals and a squirrel and a night owl sharing the dirty work on guitars."

Mein Gott - a bee buzzing the bass, a turtle raised by Nietzsche, and a fucking snail playing blastbeats. Tierisch! Verdammt, they grind so well together! Props also to the squirrel & owl duo, with riffs crusty like the bark of maples, shiny 'n' saturated like its early Autumn leaves, with a Rotten grip on their Sound in an altogether earthy, less synthetic approach. I've a short fuse on my will to describe, jerked away by intelligible associations; something like: what if Forrest Gump was the woods, thus he could not run, yet he could mosh, and so...

Download (Forestfire) / buy LP on RSR, CD on Scrotum Jus.

God is dead.

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Andrew Childers said...

how could you not love axeman? it's a concept so retardedly awesome it's wonderful.