Friday, January 20, 2012

Kasatka (Belgium) - Demo (2008)


1. Filth
2. Harbinger
3. False Gods
4. Depredation
5. Pastey White Lies (Machine Gun Romantics)

You better remember the first cephalappearance of Kasatka! If not, do click. So here's the two-thousand-and-eight demo, obviously, and it's a great thing for those who were left wanting more (thrashing, play-time, attention...) after the decisive piece of thrash that Scene Slaughter was. Yup, seems like I said most of it in the relevant post, but I'll throw some keywords for the new ones: thrash, fastcore, punk as fuck, nice drumming. Also, no bass guitar, but that bass drum sure sounds sticky.

Beating a dead snare. (Mediafire)

Owen sent me three more releases from the relevant family of bands, so I'll get to posting the rest up right about now.


DesiccatedVeins said...

Nice! Kasatka was some quality stuff, glad that there's more around to love.

Zmaj said...

Sadly, Kasatka's pretty much done, but, according to Owen, we've still got some material to look forward to. Also wanna mention that all the other bands are just as worthy of being checked out (my favorite? Shaken Baby, I think).

DesiccatedVeins said...

Shaken Baby definitely seemed like the one I'd like the most, downloading that ASAP.