Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kasatka (Belgium) - Scene Slaughter Mini CD (2010)

1. Lemons
2. Cosmetic Pandemic
3. Empathy/Disability
4. Orifice
5. Surpassing the Boundaries
6. Proposition Jock Abolition
7. Scene Slaughter
Total running time 4:34

Belgium's own Kasatka start it off with a short Army of Darkness sample, a tidbit certain to make quite a few of you jump. Next thing you know, they blast the fuck away. I'll skip right to the point and point out that the band pretty much kicks (i.e. thrashes) all sorts of ass. They are, at once, a cute killer whale (known to display aggressive behavior toward humans), a Russian transport helicopter (erm, well, it's a goddamn military chopper, developed by Kamov at that, which is, coincidentally, the surname of apocalyptic prophet-poet Janko Polić Kamov of Rijeka, Croatia; oh, how I pity you for not knowing Balkan things!), and a relentless thrash band with a penchant for Japanese aesthetics.

"We are disgusted my main scene mentality, dress codes, ungrounded elitism, friendship politics and overall retardation and self-proclaimed punk attitude. Our influences range from Japanese thrashcore and Houston powerviolence to global fastcore, amongst other derivatives of the punk/hardcore spectrum, and from noise, to postrock and free jazz abroad," says Owen, the drummer.

They're a drum 'n' guitar duo, the one on drums being but eighteen still (major kudos for those blastbeats, my good man), with the guitarist some nine years older sawing off traffic lights with his guitar. Noise is nice! They both yell and they thrash in all the right ways and what else can I say!

But how can you play extreme music without super-nice haircuts? How? HOW? (Mediafire)

I just don't understand. But Owen also said: "Everything was done strictly DIY. We're aiming to build a home studio in order to piss off everyone that clings to the "music has to sound as if recorded by a tape recorder, otherwise it's not punk anymore"-concept. Front cover done by Jasper "Infested Art". Layout and stuffs by myself, no lyrics included. Limited to 50 self-produced copies," and that's cool, but watch out for becoming elitist anti-elitists! I kid, I kid... or do I? But he's definitely not joking about the DIY part, as their graphic artists and recorder (sic) Jasper, Owen's brother, is considered a bandmember judging by the info on their myspace.

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