Friday, January 20, 2012

Days of Desolation & The League of Mentalmen (Belgium) - Split 7" (2010?)

So Belgium's got at least two very different bands. Days of Desolation deliver two gloomy, metallized chunks of d-beat driven determination, very tight in performance, all-out melodic or not at all, a bit epic in sound (can't quite pinpoint why, but track two, ''Malignancies'', reminded me of the excellent Suicide Nation from Arizona / might be the clean parts). The League of Mentalmen, on the other hand, sport a filthy as fuck guitar-distrotion that would make Dream Theater sound sloppy and/or cool. Nice shit violence that some predominantly Californian bastard children of music like the Agents of Satan might enjoy and/or do indecent things to. Things like making out, I guess...

You might have won the d-battle, but... (Mediafire)

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