Thursday, June 18, 2009

Agents of Satan & No Less (USA) - Distorted Transmissions EP Split 7" (1996)

So, here it is.

Is California a particularly stony place? I don't even know, but it sure sounds like it. Agents of Satan play some immensely fun, sludgy as fuck, powerwhathefuckviolence. Kalmex of Plutocracy and Kalmex and the Riffmerchants gets stoned with No Less too, and that better tell you something. They play powerviolence too, similarly heavy, although not as much. More rap and drugs and stuff, though. Like Spazz.

Man, I guess this is what excessive exposure to sludge, weed, and the Californian sun does to you. This is probably how Suicidal Tendencies would sound if they played powerviolence. Dankcore.

Balls Deep Download (Mediafire)


Andrew Childers said...

since i've been ODing on powerwhatthefuckviolence lately, i thank you, sir.

apocAMTERRORXP said...

this is one my favorit splits ever, i rememebr when it came out way back when... i missed the AOS show here in austin and kicked myself ever since, i dont think they ever toured again. wonder where lord balsac is at nowadays? the no less side with the pink floyd "interstellar overdrive" cover starting that song and the sampels ect fn rule. thats pretty much my favorite floyd song and one my most favorite PV style songs ever, classic. classic cali powerviolence/

Anonymous said...

Big Ups to the Dank Daddee Krew. REDWOOD CITY GRINDCORE FOREVER. Kalmex, Stinkweed, Big Boy, Pelon, Snowman, Max Ward, Franko, Billy G. All my homey's from RWC 650!!!! Immortal Fate, Plutocracy, Spazz, No Less, Sirota, Go Like This, Alta Mira, Verlaten, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants, Agents of Satan. That's how we do it in Redwood.

Kurlee Daddee
(The Original) A.K.A Lern Oner

Zmaj said...

Hahaha! Ace comment!