Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cellgraft (USA) - Deception Schematic (2010)

1. Aphasia 00:48
2. Acquisition Of Axiom 00:44
3. Vortex Of Aversion 00:40
4. Horizontal Vision 00:32
5. Obsolescence 00:52
6. To Achieve The Lesser Stone 01:14
7. Gestalt Paroxysm 00:07
8. Noxious Deluge 00:43
9. Prevailing Corporeal Metamorphosis 00:40
10. Progression Disintegration 00:26
11. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes (Assuck) 00:47
Total playing time 07:25

Florida's young DIY grindcore enthusiasts (Cellgraft, namely) put out another slab of proper blasting, topping it off with a sweet, sweet cover of Assück's Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes, albeit as sparse in length as any other of their offerings (seven and something min.). Technically, this one ain't free for download as it was released as 7" on No Reprieve Records. That said, "If you want a copy of the self-titled demo or 'External Habitation' then hit up Financial Ruin Records."

What I'm doing now is, I'm doing a series of Assück worshipping bands and shit, before the seriously goddamn belated 2010 overview post.

Deceptive download link (Mediafire)

Just kidding, here it is.

P.S. I like External Habitation a bit more, but don't tell anyone. Also: S/T. Revenge.

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Shanetera said...

I really like the S/T a lot. I need to buy this though.