Friday, December 3, 2010

Noism (Japan) - ± (2008)

7.No, Cuts and Drag01:34
8.Computer Illiterate02:02
10.I'm Not in a Band01:03
Total playing time 21:38

Crucial Blast infamously (re-)released this one in 2008 (so that's the new cover above), a very goddamn chaotic construct, a flurry of noise on the first of all listens. Well, unless you already heard it. Noism was already featured on Cephalochromoscope with one 2000 release, the other 2001. That aside, I talked to the guitarist of the duo sometimes around the release of this very album and an interview was agreed upon, so I sent in my start-up questions, but never got my answers...


Just kidding. I got over it, I swear. Seriously. No, really. Anyway, here's Noism's absolutely insane debut full-length, extreme in every goddamn aspect, brutal to the fucking fuck, fuck, 'cause that's how brutal it is. Technically, it's breakcore + brutal death metal sped the fuck up; for what it's worth, it could probably be pigeonholed as one of the "best" cybergrind albums for the extremity that it is + full-on realization of the project's entire concept of, well, pushing the envelope of "brutality and complexity" (with speed, at that).

It's over 9000 BPM! (Mediafire)


DesiccatedVeins said...

What a coincidence, I had finally decided to check them out today! I'm not sure what I'll think of them, due to my rocky relationship with drum machine bands (obvious exceptions being that Enemy Soil drum machine MCD and ANb) but I'll definitely grab this one for good measure as well.

gamefaced said...

yes. noism.
i heart drum machines and unrelatedly, synthesizers.

Zmaj said...

Well anyway, most people obviously don't or won't enjoy Noism, including those into "extreme music" + I like drum machines so "won't you
come see about me
I'll be alone, dancing, you know it baby,
tell me your troubles and doubts
giving me everything inside and out"


[amodor], ominous shit.

DesiccatedVeins said...

I do like it, it's interesting. Some of it reminds me of that one glitched-out Psyopus song that always made it sound like the cd was skipping.