Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NOISM (Japan) - Brutality and Complexity DEMO (2000)

1. Deaf and Deafer (2000) 04:05
2. Those who insist on the relativity of values are self-contradictory (2000) 03:34
3. P (2000) 04:00
4. Utsu [Depression] (1999) 01:40
5. Sou [Mania] (1999) 01:09
Total playing time 14:31

Well, the title says it all. To cut the story short, NOISM is a Japanese (although I believe one of 'em's in the US now) cybergrind (two-man) band with but one goal in mind, that is, creating the most brutal music imaginable through extreme technicality. I also posted Brutal Autonomy back in July, 2008 (click for more general info).

I'll just go right ahead and say it: the one and only NOISM demo starts with a discernible riff. What? No way! Yup, and the tracks also features vocals (growlowlowl). All in all, it's like an extremely fast brutal death metal band, and it IS where NOISM comes from, after all. That said, it's nowhere near as fast or just far-out awesome as Brutal Autonomy or ± (first full-length, released on Crucial Blast 2008). Fans will probably enjoy checking out the stuff, anyway.

Media [Fire]

Made popular on soulseek, man.


Shanetera said...

I downloaded the demo when you posted it and it's very harsh sometimes. I'll check this out though and hopefully it sounds less like a cacophonous wall of noise.

Khaos[] said...

NOISM is the shizznit!!!

William Wren said...


Mad Flows Grishnackh said...

Thank god they stopped singing...