Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hypoptalasias & Denak (France & Spain) - SPLIT 7" (2003)

1. Rabid Grannies
2. Purulent Mouth II
3. Asynchrophobia
4. Frog Eyes
5. Booe
6. Golden Boy
7. Muy Espiritual
8. Aquellos A Los Que Nadie Quiere
9. Basta
10. Cruel Realidad
11. Sin Base Ni Ideas

Even civilized, oversocialized man could live without almost all of the luxuries that he takes for granted, you know (at least that's what Ted Kaczynski says). But... without grind? Grind me do, 'cause there ain't no fucking way I could forget about The Blastbeat, and no bloody church could divorce us.

You could call Hypoptalasias a somewhat weird band from Toulouse, France, composed of four guys that take themselves un-seriously in all the right ways, as in relation to zombies and rabid grannies (Tekken have a track called "Hypoptalasias is gay", too, on their 2003 live split [will post]). That said, the band is made of pure fucking grindcore. Of a kind that over-enjoys Discordance Axis at that. Twitchy, bludgeoning riffs, set to Nico's (who played in Anal Rip [another French grind band] and [still plays?] drummed live for the hilariously notorious punk as fuck fairy-black metal band Nuit Noire, hated by the elitist black metal teenagers full of weltschmertz and generally angst / check out the newest song on the myspace: a cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi", Jesus unexplainable Fuck) first ever grind performance, tight as ever. Forgive me if I romanticize, but (1st) it's grind, and (2nd) I'm feeling sentimental about France since I tripped through the country about a month ago, having a most excellent time (said Hi [for three days straight] to Cephalochromoscope's own Jyb).

As for Hypoptalasias, they have since split up, but I know from trustful sources that one last release is currently in the mixing stage + I'll be putting up a few more of their splits + vous pouvez télécharger 99% of recorded Hypoptalasias tracks (mostly from their sides of split releases) on their still-functioning website ici.

Denak is pretty much one of the pioneering grind bands from España, formed in 1994, split up ten years later (two or three of the members went on to play in Looking for an Answer, a band that's just starting to get attention [or so I suppose] despite putting out stuff since 1999). There's an excellent summary of their awesomeness on Grind & Punishment concerning influence that Denak might have had on the genre. Their side is skullfucking, bass-heavy grind, showing that they are no strangers to crust, just the kind of excellent band that I would put forward in an argument about grind being bent to punk, rather than metal, although it ain't either one once we introduce, erm, common sense to the equation. A few of 'em growling, screaming, making noise; nothing wrong with that. La Fiesta comes in many forms.

No comment? I hope you drownload. (Mediafire)

P.S. People/bands that have sent me their releases: I did not forget. I just lack the time. That said, I will not be posting many of you, especially not random rock/metal bands sending their shit to each and every music blog that they can find. This is not a review site, for fuck's sake (understand my frustration, I get fairly in(s)ane offers / "could you review my jewelry? could you make a post about my website about fashion? could you write a thirty-page synopsis of my balls?" [note: made the last one up, thank sweet Jesus]). As for some (specific) bands that have sent me their new releases, completely oblivious about the earlier posting(s) of their older release(s), that's just... shitty. Thing is, Cephalochromoscope doesn't have a huge flow of different visitors. From what I've noticed, it's rather a set readerbase thing, so here's a thank you to all of you who feedback and/or appreciate in one way or another.

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Denak rule, cheers for the post been hoping to get some more of their stuff.