Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gods of Grind & Gate (Japan) - Split (2007)

Having babbled far and wide about Gate (who provide their tracks as a duo on this particular split, Kobori + Otake) in the post of their three demos right here, I dedicate this post to Gods of Grind, a four-piece from Nagano doing it just right despite owning a somewhat pompous bandname. I found it most interesting how they have exactly one (!) mid-paced, thrash part (on "Scum Members) to these (in total) six tracks of music, the drummer (Sunohara) not really tending toward the whole thrashing part of the deal. What he does instead is simply blast the fuck away 90% of the time, sweet & short chugga-lugga breaks in-between. Microphone-wise, the growling (snarling?) man (Tamai) positively sounds like someone had him un-muzzled and un-caged purely 'cause Gods of Grind needed a vocalist. Makes you wonder how he hasn't killed the rest of the band during recording. I conclude that Japanese grind is to the rest of the world what the Heavens are to the Earth. Holy? Nonexistent? A cool place to chill at? Nothing short of a religious experience, that's for sure (making grind in itself the only true religion, putting in question how the Christian dudes in Rehumanize can even start explaining their whole "religion in a religion" thing, seeing as they obviously worship the God of Grind; I hope it's nothing similar to the tedious and immortal-like-Christopher-Lambert [there can be only one, and the one is certainly him] discussion about grind being a subgenre of punk, or even - God / Satan / Your Mom forbid - metal [Christianity is a subreligion to Grindcore? Someone needs to blastbeat those ideas out of you!]).

...And so Gate did an Impaled Nazarene impression, putting a frown on the face of every kid in the room. (Mediafire)

Alright well, I'm off to other corners of the Balkans for a bit. You people seem to appreciate your Gate so I posted this one (while it's openly downloadable elsewhere, too), but I'm pretty sure it's still in stock over at the most excellent Bloodbath Records (this particular CD being catalogued under "BIMI058"), so have no qualms about sending those ten bucks (or, erm, thousand yen bill) of yours that way. Also, a round of applause and a big Thank You to the guy(ette) who scanned this stuff, whoever and wherever you are, and may you be or, in case you're already there (don't wanna jinx it!), stay in the grace of our lord and savior, Bill Murray.

Ni dieu ni maître!


gamefaced said...

gate is good lullaby sounds.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Nice, I was looking for this one (not very hard, obviously, but looking nonetheless.) Also, grindcore makes great sleeping music in general; I go to sleep to the soothing sounds of Discordance Axis or Wormrot like so many nights.