Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mondo Gecko & D9 (Israel) - Split 12" (2009)

Mondo Gecko
1. Feast of the Beast
2. Frozen Mountain
3. Chosen One
4. Brothers of Blasphemy
5. Blind Horse
6. Blastbeat for the King
7. Urban Stefan
8. Prolific
9. Shapes Chasing Shadows
10. Cracked
11. Jigsaw Your Existence
12. Deadman in the Street
13. Fourth Gear Comprehension
14. Divings' Abyss

Out of all the waxy rips that Urban Decay Records sent me (and many others), this one is probably my favorite, an impression that really isn't a fucking surprise at all considering the content. Mondo Gecko, a nervous thrash unit already present on the blog with their split with Time of My Life (perhaps, perhaps not), deliver straight up hardcore punk without the rock'n'roll. On the other side, D9 overclocked a lawnmower again. Their tracks actually compile a true biography of the vile machine, following its short, but fast, punk as fuck life. To be honest, their side is what I appreciate a bit more, if purely 'cause of the (admittedly) sound production success. Unlike on their S/T (yeah, yeah, here it is), this time around the phat bass is basically omnipresent, yet still assimilating all the fat in your body. So seriously, if you couldn't take the S/T (you pussy, you), give the band another chance with this one, 'cause they shine, baby.

'Cause I'm keepin' it real (an excuse for keepin' it fast [an excuse for keeping it short]), repeating a few of them links, go ahead and check out the somewhat older Mondo Gecko (/Time of My Life) & D9 posts for more info. If my non-review did not satisfy your insatiable hunger for descriptions of noisy punk rock, wrap your giant head around this review here.

I'm sorry, I bulldozed off for a moment there. (Mediahahahaha... Wait, what?)

BY THE WAY, the Tribute to the Grindcore Ninja Commando Team has received a minor update. That said, I'll be even less around 'cause I'm escaping the country in a few days, hoping to stay the fuck away for a time a bit shorter than a month (or so), attempting to catch Melt-Banana in Slovenia, Liturgy and Jean-Baptiste in France, a Bosnian truck driver in... well, anywhere, and possibly avoid as many gas stations as possible. À plus tard!



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