Monday, July 26, 2010

Achzavoth & Suckinim Baenaim (Israel & a bit of Germany) - Split 7" (2009)

A.1 Suckinim Baenaim
Chaos Shalom (Hyper-Intro)

A.2 Suckinim Baenaim
Coffe Gives Me Energy, But The Stench Of Your Corpse Gives Me A Reason To Live

A.3 Suckinim Baenaim
Sometimes, IWant To Be The Tiny Porid Fly Who Falls In Love W/Your Fire Ant

B.1 Achzavoth
No Titles, No Guts, No Glooory, Dude (Just Satan And Hell, Ohya!)

Whereas the twist-inducing punk band from Tel Aviv <-> Dresden known as Suckinim Baenaim has already graced the blog with their S/T 10" right here, Achzavoth is some wholly new stuff, although no less mindfuckacious in their approach to rock'n'roll. As they describe themselves on their myspace page:

"Achzavoth is a high energy beast quartet from the muddiest slums of Tel Aviv (and one part from the deepest dark deserted orchards of Kfar Saba) with two lead guitars bass and drums. Their rock, a relative of the heavier branches Of the rock music .but not to be mistaken as something comparable, but indeed shares The same spirit with some of the elite of punk, hardcore, noise, metal, or in general:


And you know what? It really does fucking rock. I don't know what's up over in Tel Aviv, but they sure like to jam, and they jam well. I talked to a guy from some kibbutz recently about generally Israeli things, and, seeing as I can't talk from my own experience, I'd just like to cite his description of Tel Aviv: "It's party party party all day all night..."

Sure sounds like it, too, judging by the goddamn awesome bands. I think this thing was also released on tape, but this one's a rip of the vinyl, courtesy of Urban Decay Records. I think it's still in stock, by the way (-l- 666 -l- copies).

So listen to what REALLY rocks, I guess. (Mediafire)


P.S. The Cripple Bastards & Senseless Apocalypse 7" post has been updated with excellent scans 'cause Davydd excellently scanned the whole thing! They are pretty, so see 'em here. More such updates and a big retroactive post coming soon, possibly.


Davydd Grimm said...

I like this.

Andrew Childers said...

this never really did anything for me. suckinim baenaim, in particular, just reminded me the parts of other bands that i like better. achzavoth just remind of bad locust. and i like the locust.