Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suckinim Baenaim (Israel & Germany) - S/T 10" (2009)

1. Look Smoke
2. Mom? Anigma?
3. You Got That Right
4. Zap Zap
5. Deal With That
6. Woo Hoo!
7. Click Click
8. Cha Ching
Total playing time 13:22

Suckinim Baenim is a somewhat spastic, yet fairly rock 'n' roll in their approach, scream-happy hardcore punk band based in Tel Aviv / Dresden. These four spazzes don't shy away from cryptic songtitles, twistedly liberating dissonant doodling, sudden powerviolencesque breaks, and heavier passages that would make a better soundtrack for some sort of seizure, than moshing. In all seriousness, the stuff they play is made for dancing, crowd surfin', shaking your tailfeather and doing the twist like Mickey fucking Rubirosa (alternated pulling on an imaginary towel wrapped around your lower back with both hands, while one or both legs squeeze a cigarette butt with vigor, all the while you can also swing the upper body around a bit. You know the drill, I hope; if not, I'll teach you, pass the knowledge down 'cause dancing is a natural, primitivistic legacy, like I've been enthusiastically taught myself a while ago.). Suckinim Baenaim have been around for three years or so, in what time they played like half a million gigs and put out this self-titled 10" (on Family Business / Urban Decay Records) and a split 7" with Achzavoth (-|- 666 copies -|-), of which the latter is still in stock. Ace stuff!

Proper party punk. (Mediafire)

Thanks to Urban Decay Records for awesome upload provisions, baby. Do the twist!

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