Monday, March 29, 2010

Parade of the Lifeless (USA) - The Anatomy of a People's Bondage (2000)

parade of the lifeless
1. Flash in the pan
2. Is Suzy going to be late
3. Kensho
4. The anatomy of a people's bondage
5. Blue eyed Jesus
6. Oddball
7. The mind's quicker than the eye
8. Wind cries Mary
9. Doug Flutie loves his kiddie porn
10. Yes and no
Total playing time 29:16

NY madgrind, fast and scattered and down/out-rooted like the thunder-hits-tree process making the full-on Earth-Sky connection, roots in the clouds, roots in the ground. Somebody tell me, what sane grind band covers a Hendrix song? No sane band, man. No sane band. Named (adorably) after an Assück song, PotL sure don't suck ass. What they do is, they suck most of your organs right out of your ass, all the while sounding like a war-machine death-grind vacuum cleaner from the year two thousand and fifty six, but actually The Parade ended some time ago, that is, split after a split with Noisear and this one, a full-length, after these ten tracks, after these twenty-six minutes, and God knows how many drugs, mental disorders, Assück spins, and practice hours. And the speed. The speed...

"He cried in a whisper at some image, at some vision—he cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath—'The speed! The speed!'"
- Zmaj, Parade of the Lifeless, Heart of Grindness / Core of Grind

The end result ain't no rock 'n' roll. (Mediafire)

Erm, so, Paul (who played the guitars, bass, and the rest of that lot) left a comment uncovering my lack of knowledge in the field of PotL discography:
"...actually, we did the Noisear split, a Dahmer split; the full length, a 625 Trash comp, a Mortville tape comp, and our original lineup with Ratboy from EVTID has a very very limited tape release:::Thanks so much still for the comments after almost 10 years or something like that:::"

Seriously though, do yourself a favor and give this one a listen if you haven't already. It isn't often that you come by a grind album such as The Anatomy of a People's Bondage.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hirax (USA) - Raging Violence (1985)

1. Demons - Evil Forces 03:25
2. Blitzkrieg Air Attack 02:08
3. Guardian Protector 01:37
4. Bombs of Death 01:47
5. Defeat of Amalek 03:08
6. Raging Violence 02:53
7. Call of the Gods 01:20
8. Warlords Command 02:39
9. Suicide 02:37
10. Executed 01:40
11. The Gauntlet 02:03
12. Destruction and Terror 02:33
13. Destroy 01:07
14. Bloodbath 01:55
Total playing time 30:55

you, you will go down, down to the demons
and when you get there, you'll, you'll be down in Hell

thrash fucking metal FUCK YEAH

down to the demons (Mediafire)

Al fucking Pacino.

Method acting.

Or, "when my writerpenis is limp."

My wordphallus bleh.

Poopengine blowfart.

Negative diagram factor.

bleh bleh bleh headbang

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wormrot & Diseptic (Singapore & Greece) - Split Tape (2008)

Wormrot is Wormrot.

Fronted by sole member Vaggelis, Diseptic is a Greek one man band with his mind bent on grinding the conservative way, with dirty, raw, ugly crust on his teeth, listening to some good ol' Disrupt and shit, playing guitar with a saw, the strings just loose enough not to snap in circular riffs not even his mother could like. Nobody expects her to, anyway. I mean, imagine how fucked up you'd have turned out if YOUR mother listened to grind.

Just kidding. But hey, for those of you with kids - don't play them this one. Even I stand considerably perplexed by just how awesome and incomprehensible a songtitle "Sky Rape" makes. I mean, how ambitious is that?! Grandiose. Vigorous. Aspiring. Ambiguous. Whateverous.

Erm, yes. It's for download. (Mediafire)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Atka (Germany) - Six Pieces Of... 3" CD (2007)

ATKA is the sort of mad, no-borders grind that I cannot help but love. There's dissonance that will appeal to the Damage Digital, Maruta, Crowpath fan + a bellowing groove behind the blastbeat reminiscing of Discordance Axis + unnerving, melodic wing-spreading somewhat akin to Swarrrm, even a part where they sound like a melo-death band that somehow manages not to suck + mathematically merciless deliverance of the whole package. This is original, modern, hellishly urgent grind at its shiniest, surgically precise chaos done absolutely right, no questions asked, like The Inalienable Dreamless deconstructed by Nise Kyuuseishu Domo. Painful, but enjoyably so, it's like asking what's wrong with the world - everything! Everything's wrong, man! Erm...

What's funny is that someone recently mentioned ATKA to me, when Nowak (bass) sent a mail explaining how they have this 3" CD free for download.
"as for band info and stuff, there's really not much to say. atka started in 2005, in 2007 we released this 6song 3"cd, in 2008 we released a 7song split lp/cd with shimetsu from germany. two split 7"s coming up, maybe a full-length album in 2011. band members live in giessen and berlin, germany. hp is"

~414 seconds (Megaupload)

Oh and, they have a split with Swarrrm coming out.

"majoscha said:
stuff available here:"