Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vaginal Bear Trap (USA) - Slow Jams (2010)

1. From Parts Unknown
2. Eternal Hangover
3. Beast Machine
4. Chopped and Screwed
5. Climaxipad
6. Scalping the Chief
7. Crystal Meth Mountain
8. Cockfest
9. Echoes of Extermination
10. Menstrual Gravy
11. Existential Despair
12. Miss Meth Lab 2009
13. Abortions Apple Pie & D-Beat
14. Organ Rearranger
15. World Decimation
16. Stream
17. Suicide By Cop
18. Nun So Vile
19. Scrilla Villa
20. Urethral Intercourse
21. 30 Seconds of Unending Brutality
Total playing time 26:04

By Walter's (the band's bassist) request, introducing San Antonio comedians Vaginal Bear Trap, 'cause Texan grind is supposed to feel at home on Cephalochromoscope. Musically, there's way too much groovy chugga-chugga, not enough seriousness, all around random shit, and a photo of Seth Putnam wearing a VBT shirt on their myspace. All that is subjectively good or bad, depending purely on preference, but I dare you not to crack up at some of the ridiculous songtitles and samples of sweet smooth shit for the soul. Slow Jams could use a few more blastbeats, so speed-enthusiasts ought to look the other way as these three dudes indulge in carelessly joyful songs about generally disgusting stuff. If you're an idiot like me, you'll hope that "Crystal Meth Mountain" is a cover song. And guess what, just enough of it is - just enough for me to crack a grin.

The police causes suicide. (Mediafire)

Yeah, the band too.


Andrew Childers said...

with a name like that i was just sure it would be japanese. engrish i could excuse but native speakers don't get off that easy. ugh.

Zmaj said...


Andrew Childers said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. huh. umm yeah.