Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Corrupted (Japan) - Live (20th - 21st century)

Have a load of awesome, almost official Corrupted live recordings.

1995 - Live at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan
Recorded 04-29-1995 at the Shinjuku Loft, a popular venue in Kabuki-Cho, Tokyo. The tracks are untitled. Part of the Loft Project, the place opened in 1976. It has two stages that can fit 500 or so people.
ダウンロード01 (Mediafire)

1997 - Live at WFMU, New Jersey, USA
Recorded 10-02-1997 at the WFMU station in East Orange, NJ. WFMU is a (as they call it) hype-free non-commercial radio station funded by an annual on-air fundraising marathon. Their first air date goes back to 1958. The Corrupted show was recorded in East Orange, but the station moved to Jersey City in August 1998.
ダウンロード02 (Mediafire)

1997 - Live at KFJC, California, USA
Can't say I know the exact date. Recorded sometimes in 1997 at KFJC, a cool station housing three studios in California, funded "mostly by listener contributions, with some support from local business." It's old too, starting in 1959.
ダウンロード03 (Mediafire)

Dooming in Californiaie.

2003 - Live at 20,000v, Tokyo Japan
Recorded 03-24-2003 at 20,000v, a venue located in a basement in Koenji, Tokyo. Apparently a great place for hardcore punk, it shares the building with another venue called GEAR. Just one big 66min long track, here.
ダウンロード04 (Mediafire)

2005 - Live at Fandango, Kyoto, Japan
Recorded 09-24-2005 at Fandango, Kyoto. Get it at Lo-Res Viscera, read about it at Condensed Fresh.

2008 - Live with Asunder at KFJC, California, USA
Recorded 11-07-2008, once again at KFJC, but this time with Asunder. Dear god. My man Brutalex told me about the collaboration. Supposedly, the bands plan to release their own mix of the broadcast. For now, get it at Behind the Redwood Curtain, or Lucid Media perhaps.


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For those in the Montreal area, Friday 14th, 2009 at Katacombes, live doom experiment with:
Bloody Panda (NYC doom)
CortisoL (Mtl doom)

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Dude fuck yeah, Corrupted are the kings bar none. Thanks so much for this!

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