Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NOISM (Japan) - Brutality and Complexity DEMO (2000)

1. Deaf and Deafer (2000) 04:05
2. Those who insist on the relativity of values are self-contradictory (2000) 03:34
3. P (2000) 04:00
4. Utsu [Depression] (1999) 01:40
5. Sou [Mania] (1999) 01:09
Total playing time 14:31

Well, the title says it all. To cut the story short, NOISM is a Japanese (although I believe one of 'em's in the US now) cybergrind (two-man) band with but one goal in mind, that is, creating the most brutal music imaginable through extreme technicality. I also posted Brutal Autonomy back in July, 2008 (click for more general info).

I'll just go right ahead and say it: the one and only NOISM demo starts with a discernible riff. What? No way! Yup, and the tracks also features vocals (growlowlowl). All in all, it's like an extremely fast brutal death metal band, and it IS where NOISM comes from, after all. That said, it's nowhere near as fast or just far-out awesome as Brutal Autonomy or ± (first full-length, released on Crucial Blast 2008). Fans will probably enjoy checking out the stuff, anyway.

Media [Fire]

Made popular on soulseek, man.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Buried at Sea (USA) - She Lived for Others but Died for Us 12" EP (2004)

1. She Lived for Others but Died for Us 11:26
2. White Nigger (Eyehategod cover) 05:02
Total playing time 16:28

I'll just leave this sludge here.

If you think it's going slow anyway, listen to this, man. Sharing a member with Minsk, BVRIED AT SEA know their slow shit. Vocals buried in feedback and distortion, "She Lived for Others but Died For Us" is perhaps nowhere near as oppressive as a pissed-off Corrupted, but it's a huge, monolithically dark thing. It's when you face a giant squid, alone, 3 miles below sea level (quoth GridLink, just so I could throw in a grind reference here). Truth is, I'm feeling uninspired so let me tell you a story about naked Frenchmen and whatnot. Last Sunday I was at an awesome, naturally punk as fuck gig at a basement. Two bands from France played, creating a great night of grind and powerviolence. Long story short, I ended up on a beach at 3AM with five drunk naked Frenchmen. One of them thrashed about the water with his penis while shouting "Shark! Shark!!" They made me take pictures too. "What the fuck does that have to do with Buried at Sea?" you might ask. Well, we were at a beach, dude. Also, I was stoned.

Here's what merlot_brougham at MA says about the artwork and, well, why vinyl will always be appreciated:
"I got the scoop on the cover art from a band member at Emissions from the Monolith. Apparently, one of the gentlemen in the picture is another band member’s great grandfather (the guy on the right I think). The picture was taken while he and the others in the picture were in medical school at the turn of the century. They are dissecting a body for anatomy study and the table the corpse lies on has painted or carved on it “She lived for others but died for us.” Since this is a tintype the picture is rendered in an eerie black and silver that makes the scene itself even more eerie. The artwork is printed on thick paper and it and the album come in a high quality plastic sleeve. This is an ideal argument for why vinyl will always be better; if this picture were scaled down at all it would lose the impact completely, as well as the etching."

They pressed on vinyl but we downloaded the MP3s. (Mediafire)

"Come on
Baby don't you wanna go
Back to that same old place
Sweet home Chicago"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Corrupted (Japan) - Live (20th - 21st century)

Have a load of awesome, almost official Corrupted live recordings.

1995 - Live at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan
Recorded 04-29-1995 at the Shinjuku Loft, a popular venue in Kabuki-Cho, Tokyo. The tracks are untitled. Part of the Loft Project, the place opened in 1976. It has two stages that can fit 500 or so people.
ダウンロード01 (Mediafire)

1997 - Live at WFMU, New Jersey, USA
Recorded 10-02-1997 at the WFMU station in East Orange, NJ. WFMU is a (as they call it) hype-free non-commercial radio station funded by an annual on-air fundraising marathon. Their first air date goes back to 1958. The Corrupted show was recorded in East Orange, but the station moved to Jersey City in August 1998.
ダウンロード02 (Mediafire)

1997 - Live at KFJC, California, USA
Can't say I know the exact date. Recorded sometimes in 1997 at KFJC, a cool station housing three studios in California, funded "mostly by listener contributions, with some support from local business." It's old too, starting in 1959.
ダウンロード03 (Mediafire)

Dooming in Californiaie.

2003 - Live at 20,000v, Tokyo Japan
Recorded 03-24-2003 at 20,000v, a venue located in a basement in Koenji, Tokyo. Apparently a great place for hardcore punk, it shares the building with another venue called GEAR. Just one big 66min long track, here.
ダウンロード04 (Mediafire)

2005 - Live at Fandango, Kyoto, Japan
Recorded 09-24-2005 at Fandango, Kyoto. Get it at Lo-Res Viscera, read about it at Condensed Fresh.

2008 - Live with Asunder at KFJC, California, USA
Recorded 11-07-2008, once again at KFJC, but this time with Asunder. Dear god. My man Brutalex told me about the collaboration. Supposedly, the bands plan to release their own mix of the broadcast. For now, get it at Behind the Redwood Curtain, or Lucid Media perhaps.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sawchuk (USA) - Summer Demo (2009)

1. It Comes
2. Rust Belt Pride
3. Old Friend
4. Uncertainty
5. Stand and Fight
Total playing time 10:08

Submitted by Matt.

Sure, the HxC might stand for hockey, but it's all good as long as there's enthusiasm, I say. Although the whole gang decisively shouts words in your face, Michigan's Sawchuk like their hardcore raw and old-school - no tough guy breakdown bullshit. Think Have Heart and all that. So if that's your kind of deal, better do Matt and the rest of the band a favor and have a listen. Lyrics are included in the zip file which is a seriously great thing for a change. Here's their myspace, too.

Down Load Pride (Mediafire)

"I saw an old friend today
Memories swarmed my senses
Like all good things no longer meaningful
It faded away

Divergent paths on the road of life
Did he move ahead?
Or did I fall behind?"