Friday, July 31, 2009

Drunk in a swimming pool with Municipal Waste

Last Tuesday I set out to Kranj, Slovenia for a Municipal Waste, Ratos De Porao, No Limits, Negligence, Thraw gig. Afterward I was gonna go ahead and hitchhike over Austria, Germany, Belgium, and France to London, England, which I did, only, I was one day late for either the Supersonic festival or the Corrupted gig in London. But to be honest, I didn't even care, although I really would have loved seeing Corrupted.

Copyright Paranoid-zine.

So I got to Kranj by mid-afternoon, talked to some random metalheads from the south of Slovenia and opened the floodgates on the dam of Alcohol. We searched for the venue called Bazen, meaning "swimming pool" 'cause it is, in fact, a leftover swimming pool from communist Yugoslavia (it's technically 10cm too small or something like that, rendering it useless for meant use). Those guys bought me pizza and stuff and it was fun. When the bands had started we mostly proceeded with the intoxication, peeking inside the pool every once in a while. By the time Municipal Waste got on stage (AKA the shallow part of the swimming pool), I was so drunk I'd have sworn that it was the best gig ever. And just so you know, it was pretty awesome, really. A wonderful, wonderfully loud flurry of noise and beer thrash metal party. Some bearded guy, a Municipal Waste roadie I guess, gave me whiskey in a big plastic viking horn. We talked about how hammered he was ("Man, I'm so hammered.") and Municipal Waste or something when he said "there's the drummer right there" and pointed behind me. I slowly turned, wetting my pants, and rather than Witte, I saw some other random guy. "Thass the drummer." "No it isn't." "Just checking." Ahaha, the ass! At about 5AM, I woke up on a patch of grass in front of the venue, then proceeded to Austria, thoroughly surprised by a lack of hangover which did hit me later like the Hammer of the Gods (also managed getting sunburnt [AKA burnt by the sun]).

The (rest of the) trip to Calais, France was long and excellent and fascinating. I thought about writing up the whole thing, but I decided that it was just too awesome for words.


TheThirdChildren said...

'll have to wait till September to see these guys

Andrew Childers said...

wow. that's a hell of a lineup. and ex-eastern bloc not quite regulation swimming pool has got to be the best. venue. EVAH. for that kind of skatecore show.

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