Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Introduction: Csihás Benö - Balkan Powerviolence

"Kakav je ovo pank bre?"
"Aaaaaaaaaa u kurac! To je power violence!"

Introducing Csihás Benö, a relatively new band to the Sombor punk scene (Serbia). News of the guys' debut album made me excited, the reason being their choice of genre, mostly, recalling bands such as Spazz, Infest, and Crosed Out. Powerviolence in the Balkans? Prior to these guys, the closest to the term was Panaceja (split up), but it's pretty safe to say that Csihás Benö are the only band here playing straight-out PV.

Csihás Benö includes all the stuff that makes powerviolence awesome for the most of us; speed, breaks, time changes. Noisy, spazzed bursts of thrash. Suffice to say, it's up my alley.

Some general band info, courtesy of Doca (vocals):
"Csihás Benö (Cheehaash Benne, or something along those lines) is a powerviolence/hardcore crew from Sombor. They formed in September, 2007. Their lyrics are based on experiences from life, moving from positive and humorous, to sarcastic views of the world around us. Fast, nosy, short and clear! Currently there's a CD out on Demonkracija Records under the name 'Cyber Dark - Trade Mark', and you can get it at the following contact: demonkracijari (at) For other band-related information you can write to: docaska (at)"

Doca kaže:
"Csihás Benö (Čihaš Bene) je powerviolence/hardcore ekipa iz Sombora. Nastali su Septembra 2007. Tekstovi im se baziraju na iskustvima iz života, tako se kreću od pozitivnih i šaljivih sve do sarkastičnih pogleda na svet koji nas okružuje. Brzo, bučno, kratko i jasno! Trenutno im je na Demonkracija recs-u izašao cd pod nazivom „cyber dark – trade mark“, možete ga nabaviti na sledeći kontakt: demonkracijari (at) Za ostale informacije vezane za bend možete pisati na sledeći kontakt: docaska (at)"

Here's a lo-fi recoding of a gig of theirs on youtube. No myspace. And nope, no download link. That aside, the CD costs less than a bottle of beer in some places, seriously.

Csihás Benö was Sombor's mayor in the late 19th century. He died of tuberculosis in 1893., however, thanks to him and the celtis occidentalis people call Sombor the greenest town in Europe.

"Csihás Benö sadio bodjoše,
Hvala ti, hvala ti,
Hvala ti Csiháse...
Što si sadio bodjoše!"

EDIT: Two songs from the release: 'Prošlost' and 'Zašto?' (mp3). ALSO, if you're interested in the CD, contact Doca at docaska (at) !


Shanetera said...

What currency is that in?

Zmaj said...

If you really want the CD, I suggest sending the Demonkracija guys a mail! - demonkracijari (at)

The currency won't be very important.

Zmaj said...

Shanetera, for the CD - change that contact info to docaska(at) !

Anonymous said...

what's this? mediocre noise,not connected in any way with what hardcore punk music really is! Reject metal-powerviolence shit and support real bands, like CRIPPLE BASTARDS! cheers from Trieste, Italy! PS il punk non è rumore ma il musica, e voi siete ignoranti e la povertà spirituale. Gianni HC Trieste

Zmaj said...

Right, just stay away from this blog, perchè noi siamo ignoranti.