324 (Japan) - Soulwinter 7" EP (1999)

324 soulwinter ep

1. Waterdrop
2. Idealize
3. Broken Clock
4. Soulwinter
Total playing time 07:07

Grindcrust perfection. I know I said that already. I know I'll say it again, no doubt.

While I wouldn't call 324 tight, inventive, or even that fast by some standards, they blast with awe-inspiring conviction. Their style is perfect as a modern-day example of the origins of grind, in all their crusty glory. Something important that all love-thrash practitioners could learn from 324 is the second most important rule of grind (just behind "play fast"); that is, to be absolutely relentless, at all times.

Shall we call it 'Rule 324'?

Downloaaargh (Mediawater)

Soulwinter may still be in-print, I'm not 100% sure. You all needed 324 bad though, in any case. However, I WILL post as many links as I want.

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  1. Heille, I will call them tight, don't make the sun cry.

  2. Thanks for this. All praise of 324 is accurate.

    Re: Mach Trigger. I found out even more tantalizing info. Their guitarist is none other than Suzuki of Hellchild fame! He has a rehearsal recording up on his myspace(http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=1000863033)

    The one that says マッハトリガー, the others seem to be from different projects.

  3. Tantalizing indeed! The rehearsal stuff on myspace is pretty rockin', albeit a bit standard. Can't say I don't like it however, especially those pinch harmonics and quasi melodic parts.

  4. Yeah, they seem to be playing pretty straight-forward grind(too the shock of some coaltar of the deepers fans); given that line-up they might put out something which sounds like 'force', which wouldn't be half bad.

  5. This is such a good 7". I need more 324!