Sunday, January 18, 2009

Green Beret (USA) - S/T (2000)

Just when I was thinking that it's really about time that I post something, Jyb of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Claustrophobic Decapitation sent me another mail! This is his second contribution to Cephscope, the first one being Tetsuo's Ranshuo. Thanks Jyb!

Here's what he says:
"Here's another record from my small collection : Green Beret. That must be one of the weirdest and funniest record I have. Take grindcore, surf rock, movie samples, vocoder, cheap-ass synth and a black sab' cover. Blend it all, and ta-daa! You have Green Beret! Don't think there's much more to say. They're from Alabama. Who cares. It's kickass. Don't forget to check the hidden track!"

I can only confirm his words. Check the scans for the lyrics and tracklist. Don't know much more about other Green Beret releases, except that they put out a 7" with Godstomper (in 2000 too, I think).

Voluntary File Donor (.wma, Megaupload)

Theremincore is love.


Jyb said...

They've also made a big compilation called "Out Of Control", which i don't "really" own, so i won't be able to provide some gorgeous dusty scans.
Anyway, if anyone is interested, i'll upload it.

Zmaj said...

Well sure, I'm interested. I have a strange love for compilations in general.

orfee said...

Know of a good application to convert wmas into mp3s? I feel discriminated against. Mac'n'tush.

Zmaj said...

Windows Corporate Supremacy.

Can't say I know of anything good and free, though I think Davydd maybe might.