Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One(more) Last Final 2008 Post

The scene: an untidy bedroom, full of musical instruments and recording gear. An enormous LCD monitor dominates a black desk by the window. Sitting at the desk, typing a nonsensical comment about Sony on UKResistance is a shaven-headed chap in amusingly large flared trousers and an Arcade Fire hoodie. The camera settles in the middle of the room as the chap turns, looks surprised, and begins to speak.

LORD DAVYDD GRIMM: Oh, hallo, I didn't notice you there! I was busy giggling like an idiot at a picture of a bootleg Chinese Sonic the Hedgehog toothbrush. I imagine you'd like to hear my thoughts on the year?


Two Thousand and Eight was rubbish. Trufax. Many interesting things failed to happen, many otherwise lovely people revealed themselves to be nought but poltroons, many overhyped videogames failed to deliver and, sadly, only one record truly stood out. Amber Grey.

I waited slavishly for that record. I recall having a link to Studio Grey on my Vampirefreaks profile years and years ago, as I belmed about how they were going to be the saviours of grind, and while I was a little pre-emptive, I was right.

A man. On a tractor. In 2008. Yesterday.

Other things that I wasted my year on included far too much Call of Duty 4, stoned David Lynch marathons, that awesome Gravetemple gig at Supersonic, At The Gates on Rock Band, Tam's pony Parsley and a subversive graffiti campaign in Barrow in Furness that NOBODY NOTICED. Bastards.

Two Thousand and Nine looks a little more promising; I no longer have an Xbox 360, Pete and I have written the skeletons of some excellent Deftones-ish metal groovery and there are certain things to be posted on here which you will hopefully enjoy listening to as much as we did creating them.

Happy Another Year. Thank you for your attention. Bye.

As the camera moves slowly backwards out of the room, Davydd turns to find his monitor hilariously full of flashing orange IM windows, each angrily asking why he is ignoring them. I mean, seriously! I'm a busy man, you know? Sometimes I'm not terribly quick at responding. Anyway.


orfee said...

I hail the man on a tractor. Tomorrow. 2009.

Zmaj said...

Yeahh I like that tractor. I have seen better though.