One Last Final 2008 Post Part 1

So how was 2008? T'was good I guess. Especially musically. After centuries of only playing video games and watching anime, Jon Chang decided to make me a happy man once again, two times in one year.

Yes, Chang and the rest of his pantheon are the gods of grind, an unstoppable force continually deconstructing all philosophical bullshitting about music and its respective purpose into a perfectly clear, primal purpose = SPEED.

So... album of the year? Fuck the year. It transcends time.

Our gang of three aside, here's the best post of the year, on the best blog ever (I would have added Noisear though, but I wouldn't know what else to kick off the top 10).

Happy New Year everyone.

Act now.

[There is no second part to this post.]

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